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One Powerful Solution to End Addiction – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

We are constantly fighting our cravings and confused about why cravings are so strong. We need to understand that “cravings” is a cute word for addiction. So in reality, you are trying to end addiction rather than just break a bad habit.

Addiction affects everyone, unfortunately. This is because we are all allowing ourselves to eat addictive substances unknowingly. Sugar is very addictive and the average person eats 350 grams of sugar everyday. You only need to eat more than 50 grams of sugar a day to become addicted.

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The Real Secret to Conquering Food Cravings – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

If you really want to know how to conquer food cravings, you need to understand how our body processes food and how our mind manages stressors. Your body wants to grow, repair, and maintain itself for as long as possible. Eating processed foods is not in line with that goal. Your ability to end food cravings will help you accomplish your body’s goal.

There are several reasons that you struggle to manage food cravings. We often are not aware that there are subliminal messages, not to mention the active food campaigns aimed at getting us to eat when we are not hungry. When we understand that these forces can activate an addictive cycle that takes over, things begin to make sense.

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Mom Said Keto is Bad / Top 3 Reasons – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

People say keto is bad. Often because their doctor said keto is bad or maybe their mom said keto is bad. But in the end, was there any explanation of why keto is a worse way of eating than the cabbage diet, raw foods diet, vegetarian, or any other diet that people have happily tried for a few months to lose weight? And in the end, it seems like the fact that Keto is a way of life rather than a diet plays a key role in seeing it as unhealthy.

Many people believe keto is bad for your health because you are giving up carbohydrates forever. Interestingly, most people who live a healthy ketogenic lifestyle do not feel that they have given up anything other than pain and suffering! But, if you are only comparing foods eaten before keto vs after, it could seem like you are depriving yourself.

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6 Reasons Why a Calorie is NOT a Calorie – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I was not expecting advocates of eating healthy carbs to admit that a calorie is not a calorie and that there are dangers to eating carbohydrates! And then this article happened. A miracle? More like, sometimes the facts are just the facts.

It is important for us to understand that when you try to understand the impact of calories vs carbs, calories vs hormones, and specifically calories vs insulin, you are trying to understand what your body actually does with food rather than what you imagine your body does with food.

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Can’t Stop Eating! Satiation vs Fullness – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

On our weight loss journey, what happens when you just can’t stop eating? When every meal leaves you sore from the fullness? Is this a healthy way to live? All too often, we are eating until we are full rather than eating until satiation. There is a huge impact on our health because our body needs to manage the extra energy that we are eating.

Eating to fullness is learned by the social cues and the ever growing addiction that we all live with. We are encouraged by the excessive portion sizes in restaurants and the idea that every holiday is a reason to over indulge.

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The Truth About Nibbling in Between Meals – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Food is to fuel and build the body. But many people use food to entertain, eating huge meals and even nibbling in between meals. What happens to the body when we are constantly snacking? Is there a danger to eating between meals?

Most people are unaware that they are addicted to carbohydrates, sugar. We are unaware because we have been lead to believe that fruits, vegetables, grains, and processed foods have the same nutritional value as meat. As a matter of fact, many believe that meat is unhealthy.

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Tragic Death of Actress Used to Bash Keto Diet – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

The tragic death of actress Misti Mukherjee was blamed on the excess protein in the keto diet. This contradicts the information shared by this channel and many doctors like @Dr. Eric Berg DC, @KenDBerryMD, @Dr. Sten Ekberg and many other keto friendly doctors who have been trying to help us improve our health.

The ketogenic diet is a moderate protein diet that limits the amount of carbohydrates that you eat to levels that are not toxic to your body. Excessive carbohydrates causes insulin resistance and severe metabolic issues.

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Are You STILL Eating Fruit? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Fruit is healthy right? Micro nutrients, anti-oxidants, fiber, we need those right? Are you still eating fruit? If you are, I have to tell you that you are harming your health more than helping it.

Eating a healthy diet is essential to having a healthy body. Eating fruit can actually damage your body rather than improve it. Natures candy … and we know what happens when we over indulge in candy, … health and weight problems.

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A Lesson From Gary Vee: Gratitude Equals Better Health – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

@GaryVee  is a businessman! What the heck can a businessman tell us about better health and weight loss? Do a YouTube search for Gary Vee Gratitude and you will find several pages of results from Gary Vaynerchuk himself, in different events and meetings, talking about how gratitude has helped him achieve his success.

There is merit to what Gary Vaynerchuk is trying to teach us. He has a level of emotional intelligence that has allowed him to tape into the way that we make decisions and use it for business. In this video, I show you how to use the same concept to improve your health and achieve your weight loss goals.

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