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Eating Disorder or Keto Obsession or Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is it possible that a perfectly healthy way of eating turn into an eating disorder? The answer to that is no. But is it possible that someone who has tendencies towards disordered eating could be attracted to a style of eating that has many rules and can be used as a good reason to restrict food intake or over indulge certain foods, absolutely.

When you evaluate an eating style, it is important to understand yourself. I believe in being honest with ourselves. I know all of my strengths and my flaws. This is important because when I am faced with choices, about food or anything else, knowing my weaknesses helps me protect myself from making an error in judgement.

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Health is Internal – Your Diet Builds Your Body – Healthy Keto Diet

There is so much confusion about the goal of the ketogenic diet. We have lost sight of the fact that health is internal and that your diet builds your body. This translates into the need for the best possible food to achieve a body that will actually last the test of time.

How do we know which foods to eat to build the best body? There is where we start to fight. And what I want everyone to consider, that is often left unsaid, caring about animals is not a reason not to eat them if they are actually what helps humans to grow healthy bodies.

Understand, many people around the world have domesticated large cats (like lions, etc) and if for some reason that lion is left unfed … it eats it’s owner. Why? Because as much as the lion may have enjoyed it’s human, humans make great meals.

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Is the Keto Diet Dangerous – Healthy Keto Diet

Is the keto diet dangerous? According to several articles that I have read and videos I have watched on the internet, it is the worst diet on the planet.

It is important for us to understand that some people posting information about keto are being inappropriately negative. This is due to their ulterior motives for being negative.

Companies have been known to pay people to write reviews that favor certain positions. This deceitful behavior is dangerous because it stops people from seriously evaluating a diet that could solve their insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other metabolic issues.

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Metabolic Syndrome – How Diet Affects Health – Healthy Keto Diet

It take several years of insulin resistance before a diagnosis of diabetes. This means that for several years, each person with a diabetes diagnosis could have been working on managing their eating habits and reversing their insulin resistance.

So, why then are millions of people diagnosed with diabetes and other metabolic syndromes on a weekly basis? Because doctors do not present insulin resistance as a condition that needs to be addressed immediately and because most people are resigned to the idea that eventually, they will inevitably be diagnosed with some sort of metabolic issue.

We are mistakenly under the impression that metabolic issues are our destiny. It is a fact that some medical issue will eventually end our lives but metabolic syndrome is absolutely avoidable.

When we eat a low carb ketogenic diet, most metabolic syndromes are completely kept at bay. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, PCOS, and other metabolic issues can be addressed with diet if addressed early in the process.

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Is Fruit Fattening? – Best and Worst Fruit Choices – Healthy Keto Diet

Ever wondered if fruit was healthy? Research is showing that fruit contributes to many health issues including diabetes and liver conditions. Yet, we’ve only been warned about high fructose corn syrup.

Why have we been pushed to consume fruit? Initially, there was the idea that fruit was healthy because it was coming from nature. There was likely a small amount of truth to that before scientists genetically engineered the large, sweet, fruit that we are currently consuming.

Today, fruit is much larger and sweeter than what was found in nature. Most people would not have over eaten the original fruit, which was often full of seeds and only mildly sweet. Fruit would have been consumed, along with vegetables, when there was no meat available. Fruit and vegetables were a way of surviving when hunting was difficult.

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Health Benefits of Fasting – Healthy Keto Diet

We need to understand the health benefits of fasting in order to decide if we will fast or not. But we get such mixed information about fasting that it does not help the average person feel that it is a worth while health practice.

Fasting is the cheapest way to clean up metabolic issues that exists. It actually costs nothing and gives those who do it so much.

Fasting is like having a maid come to the house and completely clean it from top to bottom for free. And I guarantee that if you knew what phone number to call to get that service, you would do it.

You see, our bodies can only engage one power hungry activity at a time. Cell clean up or autophagy is very energy intensive, as is digestion. Since we have a tendency to eat every 3 hours, our body does not get enough opportunities to engage biological clean up.

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New Media Platform – Violet’s Practical Help is Now On Facebook

Hello everyone,

As some of you are aware, my videos are no longer being hosted on YouTube. I have been in the process of finding a new place to post my videos so that I can continue to provide you with quality content on a regular basis. I will be moving my videos to Facebook and put them in my blog as I have been doing. I am currently in the process of replacing all the broken links in my blog, which is actually taking longer than I anticipated. I hope that you will bear with me while I get my blog back up to date and then I will be able to resume filming new content to continue to help demystify psychology.

Thank you for your understanding,