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Tips for Staying Keto this Halloween – Healthy Keto Diet

Living a ketogenic lifestyle is hard enough during the year but add Halloween and it can be torturous to some people. Staying keto this Halloween may be tricky if it is your first time.

I’m going to share some information and ideas to ensure that you keep yourself on track. Those sweet little chocolate bars and candies are surely calling you but remember all the work you did to get this far … Let’s not throw it all away.

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5 Step to Achieve a Healthy Weight – Healthy Keto Diet

It is important to understand how to achieve a healthy weight when you decide to change you lifestyle. Most people want to be thinner than is healthy because they are emulating celebrities.

Your healthy weight will become apparent to you when you are living better health. Interestingly, when you are healthy, your weight will settle into a good range.

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Keto For Life Keto IS Sustainable – Healthy Keto Diet

Keto is a lifestyle choice that results in better health. Yet somehow, we have decided that better health is not something that is sustainable. It i is a sad state of affairs when doctors discourage eating keto for life because they do not believe we have the will power to put our health before eating fun foods.

I challenge you to stand up to your doctor, nutritionist, or friend and affirm that you have the intelligence to understand that eating candy is not as important as playing with your children (and grandchildren) comfortably.

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Surviving Keto Flu and Other Questions – Healthy Keto Diet

We love it when you comment and ask questions. This week we discuss the keto flu, ketone monitors, carb loading, and a few other interesting ideas. Your commitment to your health is shown by the depth of the questions that you ask.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy despite what some people try to present. There is this idea that you can just buy a supplement, eat exactly like me, or do it for a month and all will be solved. None of that is true. Living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment to the foods you choose and understanding how the foods you choose will affect you.

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Food for Fuel, Activities for Entertainment – Healthy Keto Diet

Food for fuel, activities for fun, sounds simple enough and yet we sometimes get it wrong. When we allow ourselves to use food in a way that it is not intended, we get into trouble. We can have excessive weight gain but even worse, we can have metabolic issues that lead to serious illness.

I want everyone to consider that there are many positive things that we can do for our entertainment that will have amazing results on our physical health (and mental health). Exploring the opportunities may seem intimidating. Perhaps we are afraid to get hurt. Perhaps we are afraid to try the new activity alone. Perhaps we are not certain what activity we will find entertaining.

What is important is realizing that the above reasons can be seen as road blocks or as challenges. Ultimately, I encourage all of you to see them as challenges. Get out there and be entertained by something other than food. Your body will really appreciate that.

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Am I Too Old to Do Keto? – Healthy Keto Diet

Am I too old to do keto is a question that I actually hear more often than you would think. And I wonder why people think there is a time limit on being healthy. To me that’s like saying that you do not believe that you will live another 7 years. Because that is how long it takes for us to replace all the cells in our body. How much health can you obtain in that time … a complete body.

In my opinion it is never too late to do something towards your health. Each day is an opportunity for each of us to work on being both mentally and physically healthier. So, work on it!

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Stop Trying to Control Food – Accept What Food Does in the Body – Healthy Keto Diet

It is not possible to control everything. As a matter of fact, there are very few things we actually have control over. Food definitely is not something that we control.

We do decide what foods we put in our mouths, don’t get me wrong. But we do not decide how the food will behave after we have eaten it. The biochemical reactions that food exerts on our bodies has reliable, observable, outcomes that lead to certain types of positive health and other types of negative health results.

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Eating Disorder or Keto Obsession or Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is it possible that a perfectly healthy way of eating turn into an eating disorder? The answer to that is no. But is it possible that someone who has tendencies towards disordered eating could be attracted to a style of eating that has many rules and can be used as a good reason to restrict food intake or over indulge certain foods, absolutely.

When you evaluate an eating style, it is important to understand yourself. I believe in being honest with ourselves. I know all of my strengths and my flaws. This is important because when I am faced with choices, about food or anything else, knowing my weaknesses helps me protect myself from making an error in judgement.

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Health is Internal – Your Diet Builds Your Body – Healthy Keto Diet

There is so much confusion about the goal of the ketogenic diet. We have lost sight of the fact that health is internal and that your diet builds your body. This translates into the need for the best possible food to achieve a body that will actually last the test of time.

How do we know which foods to eat to build the best body? There is where we start to fight. And what I want everyone to consider, that is often left unsaid, caring about animals is not a reason not to eat them if they are actually what helps humans to grow healthy bodies.

Understand, many people around the world have domesticated large cats (like lions, etc) and if for some reason that lion is left unfed … it eats it’s owner. Why? Because as much as the lion may have enjoyed it’s human, humans make great meals.

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Is the Keto Diet Dangerous – Healthy Keto Diet

Is the keto diet dangerous? According to several articles that I have read and videos I have watched on the internet, it is the worst diet on the planet.

It is important for us to understand that some people posting information about keto are being inappropriately negative. This is due to their ulterior motives for being negative.

Companies have been known to pay people to write reviews that favor certain positions. This deceitful behavior is dangerous because it stops people from seriously evaluating a diet that could solve their insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other metabolic issues.

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