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Fantasizing About Cookies Makes You Fat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

When you try to change your eating habits, you may find yourself fantasizing about junk food that you know is not a part of your new diet. We think it is harmless to fantasizing about cookies but in fact, when we daydream about eating cookies, psychologically we are actually eating the cookies.

All too often, we try to ignore the physiological and psychological elements of how our body works in favour of laboratory physics of food in a non human situation. We are homosapians and that fact is more important than anything else we will ever learn in physics or chemistry. We always need to put what we learn in a biological/psychological framework to be able to create realistic answers for humans.

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10 Diet Myths Debunked – Healthy Keto Diet

Were you aware that several diet myths have been debunked in the past few years. Well it seems that people are finally paying attention to the science. This is good news. That means we are a few steps closer to people understanding the benefits of keto and a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

I can’t wait. Better health all around. What a world this will be.

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Basic Rules of Keto Diet, Let’s Dig Deeper – Healthy Keto Diet

There are some basic rules of keto diet that you need to understand in order to improve your health. Doing your keto diet research is important because it ensures that you actually do the very basic keto steps that are necessary to actually improve your health. What is frustrating is that so many people treat keto like a diet rather than a lifestyle.

Treating keto as a lifestyle is where all the gold is. When you are making meals based on the ketogenic diet basics, you are actually feeding your body the building blocks and energy necessary to grow the healthiest keto adapted body possible. This is vital to your longevity and coincidentally results in weight loss.

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These Are the Top Reasons People Quit Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

These are the top reasons that people quit keto before they have gained the benefits of better health and improved weight. When we understand what blocks our progress, we can anticipate the issues and have a plan to over come them.

There really isn’t any “good” reason to quit keto before you achieve your health goals. There also isn’t a reason to quit keto after you’ve achieved your goal. But for some reason, people do quit. What’s more, those who quit feel validated because so many doctors state that it is not sustainable.

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Living a Keto Lifestyle, 17 Keto Tag Questions – Healthy Keto Diet

For those of you who have been wondering, does she walk the walk, I’ve decided to answer these 17 question keto tag. I know that there have been so many influencers who have claimed to be doing one thing and then in reality they were not.

I can only share my information with you and let you know that this is what it is. Health and wellness is my passion. Both psychological and physical. I will always do my best to keep my mind and body healthy with the most up to date information that I have at the time.

I’ve decided to share this information with you because, again, it is what I do. I’ve often read that in order to be successful, you should examine what successful people do, how successful people think, and try to incorporate what you can in your own strategies.

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5 Step to Achieve a Healthy Weight – Healthy Keto Diet

It is important to understand how to achieve a healthy weight when you decide to change you lifestyle. Most people want to be thinner than is healthy because they are emulating celebrities.

Your healthy weight will become apparent to you when you are living better health. Interestingly, when you are healthy, your weight will settle into a good range.

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Keto For Life Keto IS Sustainable – Healthy Keto Diet

Keto is a lifestyle choice that results in better health. Yet somehow, we have decided that better health is not something that is sustainable. It i is a sad state of affairs when doctors discourage eating keto for life because they do not believe we have the will power to put our health before eating fun foods.

I challenge you to stand up to your doctor, nutritionist, or friend and affirm that you have the intelligence to understand that eating candy is not as important as playing with your children (and grandchildren) comfortably.

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Surviving Keto Flu and Other Questions – Healthy Keto Diet

We love it when you comment and ask questions. This week we discuss the keto flu, ketone monitors, carb loading, and a few other interesting ideas. Your commitment to your health is shown by the depth of the questions that you ask.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy despite what some people try to present. There is this idea that you can just buy a supplement, eat exactly like me, or do it for a month and all will be solved. None of that is true. Living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment to the foods you choose and understanding how the foods you choose will affect you.

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Food for Fuel, Activities for Entertainment – Healthy Keto Diet

Food for fuel, activities for fun, sounds simple enough and yet we sometimes get it wrong. When we allow ourselves to use food in a way that it is not intended, we get into trouble. We can have excessive weight gain but even worse, we can have metabolic issues that lead to serious illness.

I want everyone to consider that there are many positive things that we can do for our entertainment that will have amazing results on our physical health (and mental health). Exploring the opportunities may seem intimidating. Perhaps we are afraid to get hurt. Perhaps we are afraid to try the new activity alone. Perhaps we are not certain what activity we will find entertaining.

What is important is realizing that the above reasons can be seen as road blocks or as challenges. Ultimately, I encourage all of you to see them as challenges. Get out there and be entertained by something other than food. Your body will really appreciate that.

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Am I Too Old to Do Keto? – Healthy Keto Diet

Am I too old to do keto is a question that I actually hear more often than you would think. And I wonder why people think there is a time limit on being healthy. To me that’s like saying that you do not believe that you will live another 7 years. Because that is how long it takes for us to replace all the cells in our body. How much health can you obtain in that time … a complete body.

In my opinion it is never too late to do something towards your health. Each day is an opportunity for each of us to work on being both mentally and physically healthier. So, work on it!

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