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You’re Not Doing Everything Right on Keto If You’re Not Losing Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are you feeling like you are doing everything right on keto but you still aren’t losing weight? Why would that be happening? Often it is because we have done some research and have some understanding of what we are trying to accomplish but we do not have a deeper understanding of what our body is actually doing.

Woo, wow, Violet, … What are you trying to imply.

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When Pain Speaks, Shut Up and Listen to Your Body! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Your body has several ways that it gives you feedback. Temperature, orientation, visual, and pain, just to name a few. Do you listen to your body? Weirdly enough, most of us misinterpret the information that we are receiving regularly from our body.

Your body wants to be healthy. Every process that occurs is towards using the building blocks we give it to build and repair. The question is, what quality of building blocks do you provide?

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The Healthy Vegetable You Should Not Eat! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Should you be eating nightshade vegetable? On a keto diet we often avoid eating potatoes but allow bell peppers, egg plant, and other nightshade vegetable on our plates.

Would you be surprised to learn that all nightshade vegetable actually contain solanine, a known toxin. And yet nightshades are presented as healthy vegetables that we should all eat.

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How Do You Treat Your Body, Like a Luxury Car or Junker? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

How do you treat your body? Are you acting like it is an old junker car that you can run into the ground or are you investing in the care of your body like an expensive luxuary car. How you treat your body matters!

I have spoken to so many people who knowingly eat junk, with the belief that their body will be ok because they are not seeing any signs of damage right now. But yet, these same people are fully aware that you need to maintain your car to ensure that it does not break down prematurely.

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Hating on Keto Keeps Us Sick, Keto Isn’t a Fad! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is keto a fad? What would make something a fad diet? In reality, we’ve had several fad diets that lead to weight loss but were not sustainable. What makes a diet sustainable? Well in reality, it is not just my ability to commit to a diet but it is the diets ability to support health longterm.

There are many people who are able to stick to diets that are attrocious, the standard American diet is a great example of that. But that does not make the actual diet sustainable for health. A sustainable diet should promote good metabolic health, good energy, and growth. The keto diet actually promotes these things.

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Things We Wish We Knew Before Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

There are several things we wish we knew before keto because our lives would have been so much healthier. People think that the keto diet is the quick fix diet of the century but in fact, it is just a way to get us back to basics.

The number one thing that I wish I knew before keto was how absolutely addictive sugar is. Knowing myself, my understanding of addiction and life long decision to abstain from all addictive drugs, I know I would have abstained from sugar.

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Dr Jason Fung Obesity Lecture Changed My Life – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

For those of you who prefer reading, Dr Jason Fung has three excellent books that explain his use of fasting and Keto to manage weight loss and diabetes:
The Complete Guide to Fasing:
The Obesity Code:
The Diabetes Code:

 @Jason Fung  is a Canadian nephrologist who is educating anyone who will listen about the natural way to solve metabolic syndrome. Dr Fung Obesity Code give readers medical knowledge, in plain language, with great analogies to help the average person understand what they need to do to improve their health. Dr Fung Complete Guide to Fasting is another easy read that will absolutely guide you through the fasting process. You can improve your health using Dr Fung’s boos or by visiting the IDM clinic if you live in Canada.

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The Harsh Truth About Cheat Days on Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

We need to address the harsh truth about cheat days on keto. For some reason, people have been mislead into believing that if you do not see an immediate physical repercussion to eating poorly, it is harmless.

Have we not learned, over the past few years, that insulin resistance is in the making upward of 10 years before our blood sugar has any negative signs? Doesn’t that automatically mean that we can be damaging our body with food, even if we look fine in the moment.

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Keto Doesn’t Work For Me No Matter How Much I Try – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

How many times have I heard “keto doesn’t work for me no matter how much I try” when talking to people who have given up on the ketogenic lifestyle? What is happening in those situations? Did your body actually respond poorly to a healthy diet … or is it possible that there was something else happening?

The best way to solve a problem is to look at it objectively and then systematically control the variables. We are not willing to do that when it comes to our diet. We want a solution that will work within a few months and that will take little to no effort.

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Doing Keto Perfectly But Not Losing Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are you doing keto perfectly but not losing weight? Are you confused about how to get the results that you’ve heard about? Are you close to giving up on keto? We know how frustrating it can be to see everyone else getting results when you are not. There is a solution.

There are multiple reasons that you may be experiencing less weight loss right now. We will walk you through those reasons and what your best course of action is, if you would like to get healthy and lose the weight.

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