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What Does Respect Really Mean

What does respect actually mean? If you are not sure what it means, how can you treat someone with respect? That is an issue I see on a regular basis and it is the catalyst for this video. By providing a good definition and the areas that respect is misused the most, hopefully we can all work on our understanding and application of proper respect.
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Stating the Obvious


You probably already noticed that, … , I have launched a new website. Please, take some time to click around and see what services I provide and where I am located. I updated my services to give more information and you can stay tuned to my blog for my videos that demystify psychology.

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New to Blogging!

I’m new to blogging and I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself. I’m a psychologist and I am trying to give information to help people understand psychology and what psychologists do. The more we know about mental health issues and treatment, the more likely we will be comfortable around people who are suffering and/or seeking treatment. Together we can encourage people to get the treatment that they need and improve the quality of their lives.
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