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How to Stay Keto When Depressed – Healthy Keto Diet

Figuring out how to stay keto while depressed is about figuring out how to take care of yourself all the time. Unfortunately, we often avoid caring for ourselves when depressed. It is part of the problem.

The article Patrick brought this week caused a lot of frustration because I worry that people are more interested in selling a product or getting a view than they are interested in truly helping others.

We live in a “me, me, me” society and that is frustrating when we are talking about life and death situations. Yes, I’m going there. It is all well and good when you give misleading information where the end result is someone is set back a week. But what about when that information results in someone (like me) living in pain for a few days or even worse, not resolving their diabetes and having complications.

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Why People Lie – The Truth About Lies

No one wants to be called a liar. Your reputation determines how successful you will be in business and in relationships. So why do people lie?

There are many reasons that we lie. We affect other people and they affect us. We want to be connected but we also want to be free to engage in our life the way we want, with no responsibility to other people. Lies allow us to avoid being responsible and to conceal behavior that we may not be proud of.
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Perfectionism and Relationships – Happy Wife, Happy Life, Right?

Is is so hard to explain the perils of putting someone else’s happiness before your own. There is so much that goes into making sure someone else is happy. The time, effort, and actions you will take to ensure that the other person is happy is usually excessive, exhausting, and unfortunately, wasted. Wasted because inevitably the person does show signs of being unhappy!
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High Functioning Depression – Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)

Depression hurts. That is the tagline from commercials that aim to help the general public understand depression. So, how is it possible that someone who is depressed would be laughing and smiling? These people can’t pull themselves out of bed and yet you are telling me that they have jobs, friends, and hobbies? Isn’t that a contradiction?
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Depression Affects Us All

We are ALL Living with Depression because it affects many people in our lives whether we know about it or not. It is time to learn more about depression: it’s symptoms and how it affects those who have it. By understanding depression, we can speak intelligently about it. This will eliminate the stigma that often is felt by people suffering from mental health disorders. Together, we can help many people gain the courage they need to seek treatment and live happier lives.
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