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Don’t Be Like Everyone Else: Fat and Sick (FOMO) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I want to be like everyone else is the most common reason I hear for not achieving our life goals. We want to eat like everyone else, not realizing that everyone else is addicted to carbs and on the road to metabolic issues. This fear of missing out that we all suffer from keeps us fat and sick because rather than focus on health, we focus on taste.

The momentary pleasure that we get from food does not compare to the years of slow suffering that we live from the sugar overload. So why do we do it? FOMO. We want to be like everyone else, even if it kills us. We want to eat like everyone else despite seeing our weight rise and our health diminish.

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Stop Calling Sugar Food – Healthy Keto Diet

So, there are supposed to be three macro nutrients. Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. I’m proposing that we stop calling carbohydrates macronutrients. After listening to  @Dr. Cywes the #CarbAddictionDoc  discuss this topic, looking up the definition of nourishment, and thinking about the effect of carbohydrates on our bodies, I strongly believe that sugar is an addictive substance, not a food.

I believe that we are in this situation because of the food companies desire to make money. By putting sugar in everything, they keep us chasing carbohydrates. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are eating cereal (sugar) which sets the tone for the rest of our day. We are pushed towards getting more sugar into our system because of the way our body manages extra sugar.

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High Functioning Depression – Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)

Depression hurts. That is the tagline from commercials that aim to help the general public understand depression. So, how is it possible that someone who is depressed would be laughing and smiling? These people can’t pull themselves out of bed and yet you are telling me that they have jobs, friends, and hobbies? Isn’t that a contradiction?
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What Psychologists Can Help You With

The reasons to see a psychologist are varied and occasionally we are under the false impression that our issue needs to be debilitating to qualify. In fact, any issue that is causing you discomfort and that you are having a difficult time solving on your own, is a valid reason to see a psychologist. This video speaks about how you will know that seeing a therapist could be helpful and aims to help everyone understand that seeking answers to problems is a normal action to take.
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What Psychologist/Psychology Can Do to Help.

Here is a small  introduction to the field of psychology and how psychologists help people. In order to help people really understand the importance of psychologists and mental health treatments, I believe that we need to talk more openly about how psychologists help and why it is healthy to see a psychologist when struggling to solve issues occurring in your life.
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