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Because sometimes, ordinary people encounter extraordinary circumstances, counselling services with a psychologist offers you an opportunity to establish healthy coping mechanisms. If you are experiencing difficulty managing your life or dealing with a specific situation, I have counseling services that can help you to lead a happier life.

Violet Reveira offers video counselling services for English speaking Quebec residents!
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About me

In my office you will receive an empathic listener who works to fully understand your situation and find solutions that are acceptable and possible for you. We will use the therapeutic approach that best suits your needs. I work with families, couples, and individuals.

I focus on the type of services to suit my client's needs. Short term therapies, as well as long term follow up is available. The client's needs determine the direction and length. This results in effective and efficient help.

About Psychology

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Everyone encounters difficulties in life from time to time. Whether it is something minor (i.e. getting into an argument) to something major (i.e. death), difficult situations must be dealt with in a timely fashion in order for adequate coping and recovery to occur. Although family and friends can be very supportive, they may be too emotionally connected to give objective and honest feedback.

A psychologist is trained to help people manage life's difficult situations. A psychologist is also trained to recognize and help people cope with serious psychological problems that may be present.

Although the distress and discomfort that occurs in difficult situations are easily identified, the root causes of these symptoms can be difficult to recognize.

A psychologist is trained to help with problem identification (i.e. Personal, Relationship, Child, Family, Work, and Medical), problem resolution, and symptom reduction.

Each person will make the decision to see a psychologist based on their tolerance for personal distress and/or the encouragement of family and friends. Despite having a hard time coping with life, sometimes people become preoccupied with what others will think about them seeing a psychologist. It is important to remember that you are the one who has to live day to day with your life situation.

Through work with a psychologist, people can learn better communication skills, assertiveness skills, coping skills, relaxation techniques, and effective management of relationships. When people are able to use the above skills in their daily lives, they are likely to benefit from reduced physical symptoms associated with stress, increased satisfaction in relationships, and an overall improvement in mood and satisfaction with life.



Violet Reveira, Psychologist is conveniently located in Dollard-des-Ormeaux in the West Island of Montreal.

Violet Reveira, psychologist, offers psychology services for people located everywhere in the Province of Quebec! If you want to learn more about a specific location of the province,  please visit the service areas page.