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Ketosis: The Basics – Healthy Keto Diet

In order to understand what matters most for good health, we need to understand what is necessary to get into ketosis. In this video, we look at what matters most for ketosis.

There are so many “ways” to do Keto that it can be confusing. But why are there so many ways? One reason is that the way each person explains how to do Keto is based on their interpretation of what the doctors are trying to teach. The same way that if a doctor says stop eating sugar and someone interprets that as “no more junk food” but continues to eat potatoes.

Another reason for the different explanations of how to do keto is, the more difficult it seems, the more assistance people will need. Now we have created a market to make money. I’ve noticed the programs and websites with meal plans, etc. What is frustrating is that these website and programs can exist without all of the confusion around how to do keto. In truth, there are many people who benefit from a step by step approach to learning.

Keto is not complicated but there are many steps. The body is complicated and keto is focusing on a few principals about the body that allows people to regain control of their food intake and have a huge impact on their health.

As always, I’m encouraging you to do your research and prioritize quality medical recommendations and how the body works over the taste of food and what will be easy. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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