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The Truth about Belly Fat, What Jillian Didn’t Say – Healthy Keto Diet

Jillian Michaels doesn’t believe that there is anything specific that we can do to minimize belly fat besides eat less and move more. Now, after years in the fitness field, Ms. Michaels is more than likely aware that this advice is not supported by the current research. But the research does not support the eat less, move more framework that her fitness business is constructed on.

Jillian Michaels expresses clear disdain for anyone who does not already know that belly fat is a result of overeating and that the clear answer is to stop overeating. Her video is short and to the point, the point being that we are wasting her time asking about belly fat. The question becomes, is Jillian Michaels really the place that you want to get your health information?

I actually encourage all of you to take the time to research what carbohydrates do in the body. Research insulin and it’s role in fat storage and diabetes. I want you to investigate how long someone can have insulin levels that are too high before they will be diagnosed with diabetes. When you learn the answers to these questions, you will realize that fitness professionals like Jillian Michaels, do not have your health and wellness as their primary goal. Because if you health and wellness was their primary goal, they would not still be blaming you for not losing the weight.

I’m certain that anyone who watched Jillian’s belly fat video wants to improve their health. Since that is your goal and likely what brought you to this video, I want you to commend you for taking your health in your own hands. You may not find the answer with the first video or article read. But keep searching and learning because answers are available. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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