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The Problem with Lazy Keto

I have a problem with lazy keto or dirty keto or if it fits your macro style of a ketogenic diet. Because that is what it becomes, a diet. When I first began to investigate this lifestyle, Dr. Westman’s “white coat” video referred to “page 4”. What I learned is that page 4 was a list of approved keto foods that his patients who were trying to solve metabolic issues were allowed to eat. He was very specific, “if it is not on page 4, it’s not allowed”.

I have to say, I agree with Dr. Westman on the idea that boundaries and goals are important when trying to solve metabolic issues. That we need to know what foods are towards our goals and what foods will keep us stuck.

Obviously every person is different. But the human body works a certain way. And Dr. Westman was trying to point people towards the very safe and practical idea that we do what is safe and healthy to achieve the goal. Once the goal is achieved, you will have new healthy habits to help you remain healthy.

When I talk about that white coat video, many people believe that they do not need that level of strict adherence because they do not have diabetes. And to that, I want to point out, if you have significant weight to lose, hold weight around your midsection, and/or have any inflammation issues, these are just a few indication that you already have metabolic issues.

Most of us have metabolic issues but have become accustomed to feeling achy. If you finally make a decision to change your life, commit to the change. Dirty keto is a way of hedging your bets so that if you fail, you can say you did not really try. You deserve more than lazy keto.

Better health is possible. This is not magic, it is the way the body works. Carbs are stored to keep us safe. If we eat fewer carbs, our body has no need to store them. Allow your body to function as it was meant to and live a happier ketogenic life.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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