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The Healthy Vegetable You Should Not Eat! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Should you be eating nightshade vegetable? On a keto diet we often avoid eating potatoes but allow bell peppers, egg plant, and other nightshade vegetable on our plates.

Would you be surprised to learn that all nightshade vegetable actually contain solanine, a known toxin. And yet nightshades are presented as healthy vegetables that we should all eat.

When people with arthritis report having negative reactions to nightshade vegetable and question if there is an inflammotory effect, the idea is treated as silly. Yet, solanine is known to produce death in high quantities.

How are wellness warriors supposed to know what foods are healthy if scientists, knowing about toxic effects, continue to promote those vegetables? We need to be willing to do our own research and make intelligent decisions. If you eat a food and have a negative effect. Pay attention and if that negative effect continually occurs when you eat that food … stop eating that food. Regardless of what doctors and scientists say.

We are all the experts of how we feel. It is your job to monitor your body and report how you feel to your doctor. I encourage every wellness warrior, if you need to have tests done, be willing to push to get them done. Your health depends on haivng the best possible information. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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