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Is Keto Healthy for Children? – Healthy Keto Diet

Why isn’t anyone asking if sugar is healthy for children to eat? Oh, that’s because we already know the answer. Yet, how many children begin their day with a bowl of cereal, stack of pancakes, or fruit? How many children have ice cream and cookies on a daily basis? But when a parent decides to educate their child on how sugar affects them and perhaps direct them towards low carb or keto, all of a sudden, they are the one being accused of putting the child’s health at risk.

It seems to me that the health care system is putting our children at risk by functioning on a model that allows us to get sick and then treats with medication. What happened to the idea that food is medicine? Why aren’t we teaching our children to eat a proper diet so that they will have a healthy body?

Apparently, even our health is about business and making money. I actually believe that children can be appropriately educated on what is a healthy diet and the business of medicine will not suffer. Why? How many YEARS has it been since we’ve known that cigarettes cause cancer? And yet, how many new people begin to smoke cigarettes daily? The cigarette companies have not gone out of business because there will always be people who want a drug to solve what they should. And there will always be people who want food to solve what they should!

It is important for us to educate our children about food and the dangers of sugar so that they can actually make better decisions than previous generations. And hopefully, at some point in the not too distant future, someone will read this and think “They actually thought sugar was healthy?!”

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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