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Hating on Keto Keeps Us Sick, Keto Isn’t a Fad! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is keto a fad? What would make something a fad diet? In reality, we’ve had several fad diets that lead to weight loss but were not sustainable. What makes a diet sustainable? Well in reality, it is not just my ability to commit to a diet but it is the diets ability to support health longterm.

There are many people who are able to stick to diets that are attrocious, the standard American diet is a great example of that. But that does not make the actual diet sustainable for health. A sustainable diet should promote good metabolic health, good energy, and growth. The keto diet actually promotes these things.

What is your goal? If you want to eat whatever you want and to continue to invest in processed foods, keto will not seem sustainable. If you want to focus on weight loss at the expense of good health, keto will not seem sustainable. But if you focus on healing the body, eating for fuel and energy, and allow your fun to come from activities, the sustainability of the keto diet becomes very obvious.

Good goals lead to healthy outcomes. What goal are you aiming at. I encourage all wellness warriors to focus on health. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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