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Finally Reached Goal Weight, Now What? – Healthy Keto Diet

You’ve dreamed about this moment for months and then it happens. You’ve reached your goal weight. And after the excitement subsided, what’s next?

The weird part is that, if you don’t have a clear idea about how you will manage your maintenance, you run the risk of relapsing back to eating carbs.

I know, after months of hard work, hard to believe that you would risk weight gain and poor health. Yet, how often do we see this happen. Even with keto. Why?

Unfortunately, so many people mistakenly believe that keto is a “diet” rather than seeing it as the lifestyle change that can improve your life. If you treat keto like a diet, you will be anxiously awaiting the end of your diet so that you can reintroduce carbs.

By knowing how you will do maintenance, you will be prepared to increase the amount of energy you will eat without increasing the amount of carbs you are eating. Remember that carbs are a slow, persistent strain on the body. None of us gained the weight, inflammation, or metabolic issues over night. Reintroducing carbs will mean putting yourself back on a path towards poor health.

Prioritize your health by making choices that keep your carbohydrates intake low and allows your body to have optimal function.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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