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Fast Weight Loss Isn’t the Goal – Healthy Keto Diet

Have you been trying to achieve fast weight loss? Did you notice that when the weight comes off fast, it gets back on just as fast?

Fast weight loss is not sustainable because it does not address the metabolic issues and carb addiction that is contributing to the weight gain. By forcing your body to lose weight by withholding nutrition (low calorie diets), you force your body to slow down your metabolism and stop any energy intensive activities (including growth, menstruation, autophagy, etc). The weight loss is therefore not sustainable.

When we do extreme diets, our body works on getting the most nutrients out of the food to nourish us. But this is not sustainable. When your body slows metabolism and eventually shuts down important processes, you are actually harming your body in an attempt to lose weight. Now, most people do not lower their caloric intake long enough to shut down menstruation because that means enduring extreme hunger.

And what happens when we cannot take the hunger anymore? Most people are so frustrated with the diet that they were eating that they resume eating the same poor diet that they ate before. Why? Because that diet has foods that they love and they are still addicted to those carby foods.

In order to sustain weight loss, you need to learn what is causing weight loss and then make better choices. That is not going to be a fast process. You are very likely going to need to do research, break habits, learn to cook new foods, and change the way you do holidays and vacations. This will take time and effort.

Remember, your body will always do what is healthiest, even if that means storing fat. So overeating carbs will always lead to fat storage. To live a happy and healthy life, you would be better to focus on good health. That means eating low carbohydrate nutrient dense food that allows you to solve your metabolic issues and build the best possible body.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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