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Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau – Healthy Keto Diet

Many people do a ketogenic lifestyle because they are trying to lose weight. So when we hit a weight loss plateau, it almost seems like the end of the world. The energy invested in breaking through that weight loss stall is impressive.

But if we haven’t stopped to consider why we have stalled, we will not be able to appropriately over come the stall. Plateaus could be due to mistakes in how we are eating or our body’s need to focus the new found energy and quality building materials on fixing structural issues to help us function better.

When the reason for a stall is the second, it is actually better for us to allow our body to use that time to solve metabolic and structural issues so that our weight loss is sustainable.

Being at a low weight in a body that is breaking down is not actually advantageous. Being in a healthy body at a healthy weight is always the goal.

When the plateau is being caused by some type of error regarding the food we are eating, quickly finding the error and correcting it will allow weight loss to resume. Your body wants to be at a healthy weight and to solve metabolic issues. Don’t get in its way and it will do the right thing.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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