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Welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness. It is important to understand that our physical and mental health together produce our overall feeling of well being. They are therefore both important to focus on.

Being physically healthy allows us to engage with family and friends, do activities, and go to work each day. Something that we often take for granted. But if there should be a change to our physical health that impacts our ability to engage with life as we would like, that has a toll on our emotional well being.

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Being able to maintain a healthy weight is one of the major roadblocks to living life fully and happily. Some of the other physical issues are chronic pain, headaches, skin conditions, intestinal/digestive issues, and illness.

Why focus on the ketogenic lifestyle first

Mind Blowing Health and Wellness is providing information focused on improving your physical health. Beginning with teaching you about the ketogenic lifestyle and low carbohydrate healthy eating. By understanding how reducing carbohydrates affects hormones, energy levels, fat storage, and inflammation, we better understand how to manage our weight, reduce fluid retention, improve certain skin conditions, and improve intestinal/digestive health leading to improved overall feelings of well being.

Mind Blowing Health and Wellness is providing videos on the effects of the keto diet and important information about weight loss. The videos also explore intermittent fasting.

All the information is for educational purposes and hopefully will help you in the conversations that you will eventually have with your treating professionals.