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Metabolic Syndrome – How Diet Affects Health – Healthy Keto Diet

It take several years of insulin resistance before a diagnosis of diabetes. This means that for several years, each person with a diabetes diagnosis could have been working on managing their eating habits and reversing their insulin resistance.

So, why then are millions of people diagnosed with diabetes and other metabolic syndromes on a weekly basis? Because doctors do not present insulin resistance as a condition that needs to be addressed immediately and because most people are resigned to the idea that eventually, they will inevitably be diagnosed with some sort of metabolic issue.

We are mistakenly under the impression that metabolic issues are our destiny. It is a fact that some medical issue will eventually end our lives but metabolic syndrome is absolutely avoidable.

When we eat a low carb ketogenic diet, most metabolic syndromes are completely kept at bay. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, PCOS, and other metabolic issues can be addressed with diet if addressed early in the process.

My suggestion, when you go to the doctor and are told that you need to lose weight and cut down your sugar, take that to mean that you are overeating carbohydrates and should take steps to lower them immediately. It is your health and if you want to live a long time, take the steps to improve your health. Understand, your doctor will give you advice based on what they expect you to do. You need to look for assistance based on what you want your health to look like and how long you want to live.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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Please keep in mind that these videos are for educational purposes. I encourage everyone who wants to take action to find a psychologist to work with. Working with a psychologist is not only more efficient, but also keep in mind that a psychologist is trained to help people solve problems.

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