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Is Fruit Fattening? – Best and Worst Fruit Choices – Healthy Keto Diet

Ever wondered if fruit was healthy? Research is showing that fruit contributes to many health issues including diabetes and liver conditions. Yet, we’ve only been warned about high fructose corn syrup.

Why have we been pushed to consume fruit? Initially, there was the idea that fruit was healthy because it was coming from nature. There was likely a small amount of truth to that before scientists genetically engineered the large, sweet, fruit that we are currently consuming.

Today, fruit is much larger and sweeter than what was found in nature. Most people would not have over eaten the original fruit, which was often full of seeds and only mildly sweet. Fruit would have been consumed, along with vegetables, when there was no meat available. Fruit and vegetables were a way of surviving when hunting was difficult.

Fruits and vegetables would not have been available to consume year round before people learned to refrigerate and ship perishable items. We would have had to enjoy the fruit that was native to our environment in the season it was available. Then do without, the rest of the year. Versus today, we can enjoy fruit that is not even native to our continent year round.

This is having a detrimental effect on our health. We are being exposed to large amounts of fructose on a regular basis. Fructose is not healthy because it causes our liver to be overworked. It should therefore be limited.

If you want to indulge in fruit, you should do it sparingly. It is an indulgence, not a necessary source of nutrients. When we over indulge in fruit, we are negatively impacting our health. In order to maintain your health and wellness, give your body what is the most healthy and limit your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams or less per day. You will feel great and live a much happier life due to improved physical health.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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