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Health is Internal – Your Diet Builds Your Body – Healthy Keto Diet

There is so much confusion about the goal of the ketogenic diet. We have lost sight of the fact that health is internal and that your diet builds your body. This translates into the need for the best possible food to achieve a body that will actually last the test of time.

How do we know which foods to eat to build the best body? There is where we start to fight. And what I want everyone to consider, that is often left unsaid, caring about animals is not a reason not to eat them if they are actually what helps humans to grow healthy bodies.

Understand, many people around the world have domesticated large cats (like lions, etc) and if for some reason that lion is left unfed … it eats it’s owner. Why? Because as much as the lion may have enjoyed it’s human, humans make great meals.

I do agree that we need to respect and care for the animals we will eat appropriately. Giving the animals the diet that is correct for their diet and allowing them to grow at a normal rate rather than feed them grains and use antibiotics to fatten them up for harvest.

But let’s keep something straight, we are meat eaters before being omnivores. This has been repeatedly shown with our investigation of our history and communities who continue to live isolated from industrialization.

When you are choosing your food, keep in mind that our body need to build muscle and cell walls. That means we need to provide quality amino acids and fatty acids. These come from meat and fat.

Build the best quality body you can. This will lead you to living a healthier life, enjoying your body due to improved flexibility and longevity. Have fun wellness warriors, you deserve it.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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