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Food for Fuel, Activities for Entertainment – Healthy Keto Diet

Food for fuel, activities for fun, sounds simple enough and yet we sometimes get it wrong. When we allow ourselves to use food in a way that it is not intended, we get into trouble. We can have excessive weight gain but even worse, we can have metabolic issues that lead to serious illness.

I want everyone to consider that there are many positive things that we can do for our entertainment that will have amazing results on our physical health (and mental health). Exploring the opportunities may seem intimidating. Perhaps we are afraid to get hurt. Perhaps we are afraid to try the new activity alone. Perhaps we are not certain what activity we will find entertaining.

What is important is realizing that the above reasons can be seen as road blocks or as challenges. Ultimately, I encourage all of you to see them as challenges. Get out there and be entertained by something other than food. Your body will really appreciate that.

Regardless of whether or not your activity involves physical activity or mental activity, the fact that you are allowing food to be a fuel source will result in improved overall health. Take the time to investigate what you find entertaining and then engage with it. When you do, life will be that much more enjoyable.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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