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Win the Fight Lose the Relationship – Stop Trying to be Right

Do you focus you emotional energy in a relationship on being smarter, stronger, and right? Many of us are not even aware we are doing it. Think back, when was the last time you said you were sorry to someone, admitted being wrong to someone, or acknowledged hurting someone’s feelings without giving an excuse about why it happened.

It is very unlikely that you haven’t hurt someone in the last few months. Just by living our lives and trying to be happy, we often accidentally do or say things that offends/hurts other people. If you cannot recall the last time you apologized for something, you may be focusing more on being right than connecting with the people around you.

The ability to connect with others is very important because it helps us to solidify our relationships by helping the other person understand that they can trust us to take responsibility for our own actions. By acknowledging my actions, I show that I am willing to reflect on what I am doing and respect the people around me by being empathetic as to how my actions affect others.

It is easy to be right about an idea or action. It is much more difficult to be wrong in a situation and own it. This shows strength of character and good self esteem. These are qualities that will help you to feel more comfortable and aid in your relationships.

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