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Working Hard to Achieve Your Goals – Uncertainty Is Addictive

When something is desirable and easy to attain, we do it. If something is desirable and hard to attain, we work for it. What happens if something is desirable, hard, and and possibly unattainable? We work even harder! Maybe is like an ignition button. It starts our desire to achieve. The more uncertain the desired outcome, the harder we work.

Doctors, olympic champions, famous actors, are all the result of maybe. Hard work and effort put into tasks strictly to achieve one outcome, success at something that others could not obtain. Uncertainty makes the goal even more desirable (for better or for worse)!


Working Hard to Achieve Your Goals – Maybe is Addictive – Violet's Practical Help

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Posted by Violet Reveira, Psychologist on Saturday, December 30, 2017


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