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Why All the Fuss About Time Restricted Eating, IF, & OMAD

Let’s begin with the obvious. No one can force you to fast. If you want to eat, eat. That being said, I find it crazy how many arguments there are online about fasting.

First of all, fasting is a period of time when you are not eating. What is comical about this is, if you consider that a great majority of people often eat when they are not even hungry, how can we then try to put a time frame on what would be fasting?

So, if fasting is not eating during a time frame when you would normally have eaten, then the length of fast can vary widely. What is known, the longer the fast, the more benefits that you gain from the fast.

Science has told us that our bodies focus most of its energy on managing the most important processes before lesser important processes. Processing food is a very important and energy intensive process.

The key to allowing other, very important, processes to take center stage is to have periods of time when we are not eating. The more time we give these other processes, the more health we can attain. So if you want to improve your health, fasting is another tool at your disposal.

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