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What Nutritionists and Dietitians Say About Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

It is all about good information. What do nutritionists and dietitians say about the ketogenic diet? Do they give a balanced and fair assessment?

Most people assume that nutritionists and dietitians would not give a positive review of keto because it threatens their income. I disagree with that idea. I think that anyone who wants to help others and chose the field of nutrition would still give the information even if that meas less income. Why? I do believe in the idea that most people are honest and seek to do good. There are many ways to make money and keeping people sick is unnecessary because there will always be people who need assistance with food for other reasons.

What I believe is that most nutritionists and dietitians were educated with the same information that most doctors were. And that information is out dated.

If you goal is to improve your health and wellness, you need to use accurate information that uses what we know about the human body. Seek good information and you will make better decisions.

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