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What Can We Learn From the Biggest Loser Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

The biggest loser has given us years of data about how successful a calorie restriction diet can be. So what can we learn from the biggest loser diet.

It is hard not to call the biggest loser diet a scam because the people who did the diet tended to regain the weight. But the diet industry has this tendency to promote methods of weight loss that just are not sustainable.

The biggest loser diet taught us that making money is still a priority to the diet industry because they continued to promote this show for more than 17 seasons (season 18 scheduled to air in 2020) despite knowing that the diet is not sustainable.

Why would any company promote a solution to fat loss that is not sustainable? For profit.

What else can we learn from the biggest loser diet? Actually quite a bit. Many of our ideas about how calorie restriction does not work has been gained through watching people go through a calorie restriction diet and then regain the weight. The biggest loser showed us that even when you accomplish the goal, significant weight loss, you will still regain the weight. Why? Because any change to your diet that reduces your food intake will result in weight loss.

The biggest loser diet has also taught us that in order for weight loss to be sustainable, the weight loss regime has to be something that can be sustained. And that brings us to the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is sustainable because you eat enough food to fuel your body, build your body, and allow you to feel satiated. I don’t know about you but if I have a choice to lose weight while feeling hungry all the time or while feeling satiated, I choose satiated.

Doing what makes the most sense and has the best likelihood to cause me to stick to my new lifestyle means that I increase my chances for success. And when I am successful, proud of myself, and living life the way I want, I’m more likely to be happy.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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