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The Secret to Improve Dieting Success

Would you like to know the secret to improved dieting success? The single most important piece of information to ensure that you can maintain your weight loss!

It takes months to lose weight. And for some people it can take years. After the investment of time, energy, and emotional commitment that it takes to lose weight, it can be devastating to see the weight creeping back up.

In this video I list the three most important pieces of information that you need to have to guarantee that the weight loss you achieve remains with you. And number three, although obvious, is so crucial. Yet we do not do it.

Your health and wellness is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Everyday, more and more people are converting to the ketogenic lifestyle but they don’t really understand why the keto diet works. It is knowledge that will help you to success.

Keeping your total carbs under 20 grams per day keeps you blood sugar under control. By controlling your blood sugar, your insulin remains as close to normal levels as possible which means you store less fat. If you understand that all carbs count towards insulin levels, especially when you have become sensitive due to insulin resistance, then you will monitor “all” sugar intake {including grains, vegetables, etc.). Because again, this is about your health and wellness, not just about your weight.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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Please keep in mind that these videos are for educational purposes. I encourage everyone who wants to take action to find a psychologist to work with. Working with a psychologist is not only more efficient, but also keep in mind that a psychologist is trained to help people solve problems.

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