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Metabolic Flexibility on a Keto Diet – Are Carbs Bad for You – Healthy Keto Diet

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to respond or adapt to conditional changes in metabolic demand. This relates to any adaption to climate, lighting, or fuel source. In the keto world, there is a lot of emphasis on metabolic flexibility but I believe, for the wrong reasons.

What I have noticed is that the average person is seeking to be metabolically flexible so that they can resume eating carb heavy foods. So, rather than adapting to what is necessary to survive, they would like to indulge in poor quality foods under the guise of metabolic flexibility.

Unfortunately, our body is a very sensitive machine. So, when you try to use the lowest quality fuel to run a sensitive machine, the results are very predictable. Damage to the machine. And despite the fact that we have seen this result over and over (it is the reason many people are on a ketogenic diet, to solve metabolic problems arising from consumption of poor quality food), the majority continue to focus on resuming poor eating.

Why? Carbohydrates are highly addictive and the majority of people do not acknowledge their addiction. Therefore, when presented with carb heavy food options, they eat them without hesitation. Despite knowing that carbs cause inflammation, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s, etc, the average person will resume eating carbs when they have reached their weight goal.

Do they want to regain the weight? No, in fact, they desperately want to maintain. But the fact that the majority of people do not accept that carbohydrates are addictive means that they continue to eat carbs. Due to that fact, they lose weight because they were able to sustain a long term decrease in carb consumption but they regain the weight when they reach goal. The only way to end an addiction is to stop engaging with the addictive substance.

If you would like to achieve try metabolic flexibility, you need to accept that carbs are toxic and that carbs are not necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Until you accept that information, you risk continued relapse into eating carbs. Keep in mind, each time that you resume eating carbs and regain weight, … That is yoyo dieting and it is very unhealthy.

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