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How to Stay Keto When Depressed – Healthy Keto Diet

Figuring out how to stay keto while depressed is about figuring out how to take care of yourself all the time. Unfortunately, we often avoid caring for ourselves when depressed. It is part of the problem.

The article Patrick brought this week caused a lot of frustration because I worry that people are more interested in selling a product or getting a view than they are interested in truly helping others.

We live in a “me, me, me” society and that is frustrating when we are talking about life and death situations. Yes, I’m going there. It is all well and good when you give misleading information where the end result is someone is set back a week. But what about when that information results in someone (like me) living in pain for a few days or even worse, not resolving their diabetes and having complications.

We need to understand that this topic is not just about weight … weight is a small problem when we compare it to the possible loss of a limb or even death. This issue is about health.

Being a wellness warrior means that you investigate before you act. Verify the information being presented in articles and videos. It is frustrating that people believe that doctors online seem to be giving different information on the keto. But what I’ve noticed is, most of the online doctors are giving the same basic information (keep your grams of carbs under 20) and then they have their other suggestions that are specific to what they are trying to teach in a day. But the basic information is the same.

Whether a doctor is talking about calories or not, exercise or not, eat vegetation or not, does not change that the basic idea was that they asked you to keep your carb count for the day under 20 grams. Focus on the one key important point and then try to learn more. Understanding the basics will help you to go further into the details.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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