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Eating a Healthy Diet is a Choice

Eating a healthy diet is a choice that we make on a daily basis. The way we make that choice is based on our habits and our beliefs.

Our habits can lead us to success or failure. Since we do them automatically, we do not tend to verify if they continue to serve us well. So taking the time to question why we are engaging certain habits can mean the difference between accomplishing goals or stagnating in life.

Our belief about what is healthy come from our upbringing and the education we have received from professionals throughout our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes those professionals have not had formal training in the information that they are sharing.

We are often encouraged to seek a second opinion before making major decisions about how to manage our health issues. But we do not see the food we eat as a health issue. So, we rarely seek a second opinion. Even worse, most doctors give the same opinion.

Your health is important enough for you to set is as a daily choice that you invest in rather than some action you leave to habit. Pay attention to what you eat and how you feel after you have eaten it. What is truly insetting is that when we pay attention to what we eat, we do see patterns in what causes us to feel good, healthy, and strong vs what causes us to feel bad, weak, and sick.

Mark Hyman’s book (https://amzn.to/2tV2zJ4) helped me to understand that food has changed a lot over the years and food companies do not always have our best interests at heart. Do your research, listen to your body, and then decide what you will eat.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.




Please keep in mind that these videos are for educational purposes. I encourage everyone who wants to take action to find a psychologist to work with. Working with a psychologist is not only more efficient, but also keep in mind that a psychologist is trained to help people solve problems.

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