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Carbs vs Ketosis, Understanding the Keto Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

Dr. Westman from Adapt Your Life, was very clear that keeping your carbs to less than 20 total grams per day was the key to ensure that most people would be in ketosis. Other doctors, like Dr. Eric Berg, Ken D Berry, MD, and Robert Cywes M.D. PhD, have all shown us that keeping your carbs under your personal threshold is the important factor in remaining in ketosis. What that means is that when you eat more carbs than your body can manage in a day, your body stops being in ketosis and resumes running on carbohydrates. This is done to ensure that your blood sugar remains at 5. If your blood sugar is too high, that is toxic and your body would rather save sugar as fat than allow you to die.

The ketogenic diet works because eating fewer than 20 grams of carbs per day allows you body to use some as energy and store some as glycogen, with little to none being stored as fat. But when we get out of ketosis, our body resumes prioritizing carbs as fuel (to get them out of our blood) and that results in carbs and fat that you eat being stored as fat. When our body is storing, it stores all excess energy. Fat and protein become excess energy because our body is overloaded on the carbohydrate energy it received and needs to use that first (again, toxic).

To live your happiest, healthiest life, you need to fully understand that information. There is no work around. Overeat carbs and you will resume storing excess energy as fat. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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