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Fasting Caused Me to Feel Bloated

Can fasting cause me to feel bloated? Isn’t fasting supposed to be healthy? Am I damaging my intestines by doing a fast? Am I bloated because my stomach is attacking itself?

I’ve heard many things said about the negative side effects of fasting. The most obvious being that you are starving yourself. These wild accusations often cause us to be so focused on defending the benefits of fasting, that we forget to address the real world issues that people experience when they try to fast.

Bloating is uncomfortable. Sometimes even painful. This can be a real deterrent to fasting. How can we fast in a safe and effective way that allows us to get the benefits of autophagy? One way is to understand how fasting affects the body and the potential issues that could arise.

Bloating can occur with fasting. Most of the reasons I found were related to our reaction to fasting and behaviors we undertake to try to endure the fast.

For the most part, when we allow ourselves to fast regularly, many of the issues with bloating get resolved. The benefits of fasting are plentiful. Fasting is a very efficient way to get into ketosis. Fasting has been used to aid in the fight of diabetes.

Another benefit of fasting is that you can focus on your life rather than food. This opens the door for you to engage activities for extended periods of time. To really immerse yourself and enjoy life. An amazing way to increase you health and wellness.

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