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Doing Keto Right – Fats, Snacks, Maintenance – Healthy Keto Diet

If you are going to do Keto, do Keto right. But what does that actually mean? So many different sources give such different advice. How do you know what is good advice and what is someone trying to push an aganda?

What is ironic is that Keto has been around for so many years and is not something that you can sell (although everyone wants to find a way to sell it). Keto is not a diet plan, it is a way of life. When you understand that piece of information, everything else become obvious.

The truth is, doing keto correctly involves understanding what you are trying to accomplish. When you get that, everything else is simple.

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Biggest Loser Workout Reinforces Errors – Healthy Keto Diet

The Biggest Loser Workout helped so many people lose significant amounts of weight. But is this something that the average person should attempt to do?

So many people are desperate to lose weight and will try almost anything to be thin. How does the information that we learn on the Biggest Loser helping us to achieve our goals? What is interesting is that in an interview with Time Magazine (May 11, 2009), Ms. Michaels acknowledged that stabilizing your hormones was the most important factor in weight loss. Yet, consistently, the Biggest Loser encouraged contestants to eat high carb which will absolutely disrupt hormone balance.

The Biggest Loser workouts also focus on exercising 6 to 8 hours each day. The contestants were icing their joints several times a day to be able to accomplish working out at this level. Ms. Michaels acknowledged in the article that the average person should not attempt to workout at that intensity without medical supervision. Her recommendation was 30 mins 5 times a week up to a maximum of 8 hours a week.

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Too Much Fat on Keto? – Healthy Keto Diet

Too much fat on keto … yes, it is possible. Unfortunately I have noticed through videos that I’ve watched and questions that I’ve received that many people are overeating fat when they do a ketogenic lifestyle. This leads to slow weight loss progress and frustration that can cause people to quit the lifestyle.

Eating extra fat does not cause us to be in ketosis. Eating extra fat is beneficial in a few select situations. When you are suffering from Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, or other metabolic conditions that benefit from ketone metabolism, eating extra fat helpful. Extra fat is also helpful when you are in maintenance, as it allows you to eat enough energy to stop weight loss. But it is not putting you in ketosis.

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Is Jillian Michaels Secretly Doing Keto? Healthy Keto Diet

Is Jillian Michaels secretly doing keto but unable to talk about it because it would affect her bottom line? This is a question asked by a viewer and it sparked a very interesting, yet hesitant conversation.

There were a few more viewer questions that came up from our Jillian Michaels Pat Chat that we went over. We make these videos to help you to understand the keto information on the net. These videos are for you, so if there is anything that you feel we could clarify further, write it in the comments and we will address it.

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Staying Keto on the Weekend – Healthy Keto Diet

Many people struggle with eating an appropriate diet on the weekends. Staying keto on the weekends seems to be harder since we are also more likely to eat fun foods on the weekend.

We tend to build our weekends around eating. Going out to eat or making more involved meals. Unfortunately, when we are trying to improve our health, we need time to commit to the idea of doing what is healthy all of the time. So temptation is actually tempting.

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Low Carb Desserts – Should You Eat Them? – Healthy Keto Diet

Should you eat low carb desserts? That really will depend on what your goals are. Most people who are even looking at this question have either weight to lose or metabolic issues to solve. In this video we discuss why you may choose to eat low carb or even keto desserts while looking at some dietitian recommended low carb desserts. I know, I know … but sometimes you actually have to go to questionable sources to really answer a question correctly. Let’s see what we learned!

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Low Carb Snacks that Aid Weight Loss – Healthy Keto Diet

Low carb snacks can aid in weight loss. Obviously, it is better to eat a meal rather than a snack. But if you are doing a low carb lifestyle or a SAD lifestyle and are looking for better snacks, these can help you to lose or maintain your weight.

As I’ve said repeatedly, eating a ketogenic lifestyle and having any “fun” food at the end of your meal as a dessert is preferable to eating a snack a few hours later. Every time you eat a snack (so eat between meals) you are raising your insulin levels. This increases the chance of developing insulin resistance.

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Weight Loss Motivation – Why You Haven’t Started – Healthy Keto Diet

Have weight to lose but not really bothered? Many of us are in that situation. But the question is what are you waiting for. Trying to lose weight is difficult and most people who know they have weight to lose are afraid to fail. But what about all of those people who are unaware that they actually have weight to lose.

There is a very natural phenomenon that occurs when changes occur slowly. We don’t notice. How many people are actually shocked when they come to realize that they have gained weight? Surprisingly, many.

Weight, like age, changes on a daily basis. Sometimes we gain a bit. Sometimes we lose a bit. But, for most people in North America, over the course of a year, the net is a gain of about 1 or 2 pounds. This is a very small amount for any given year, but after 10 or 20 years, we could have gained 40 pounds.

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Keto Meal Prep Made Easy – Our Keto Pantry Staples – Healthy Keto Diet

Keto meal prep can be easy if you are prepared. The best way to be prepared to do a ketogenic lifestyle is to have several keto staples in your pantry. So pull out your keto grocery list and take note of some of the healthy food options you can add to your keto shopping list.

Whenever we try to change our lifestyle, we need to prepare ourselves. Taking the time to truly understand what foods will help you to be successful in your ketogenic diet will also mean improved health and wellness.

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What Can We Learn From the Biggest Loser Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

The biggest loser has given us years of data about how successful a calorie restriction diet can be. So what can we learn from the biggest loser diet.

It is hard not to call the biggest loser diet a scam because the people who did the diet tended to regain the weight. But the diet industry has this tendency to promote methods of weight loss that just are not sustainable.

The biggest loser diet taught us that making money is still a priority to the diet industry because they continued to promote this show for more than 17 seasons (season 18 scheduled to air in 2020) despite knowing that the diet is not sustainable.

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