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Jillian Michaels and Intermittent Fasting: Why She’s Wrong – Healthy Keto Diet

I’m constantly baffled by the videos that I watch from Jillian Michaels. Her ability to mislead people about their health while in the same breath promoting her book is amazing. The question I have is, if you cannot even define intermittent fasting, why would I believe anything you’ve written about autophagy and apoptosis.

As I’ve often said, you do not need to agree with a way of life to appropriately define it. You can always sell products and services to people that are unnecessary because people like to have easy answers. That is not going to change because the truth about carbohydrate is being shared.

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The Game Changers, Misleading on Purpose! – Healthy Keto Diet

The game changers was a very misleading movie and I think that was done on purpose. The majority of the movie was spent trying to convince us to set aside what we know about health for their fictional idea that a plant based diet will improve disorders we know are caused by excessive carbohydrates.

It is unfortunate that we allow ourselves to push agendas at the expense of people’s lives. I would have loved to have seen some proper research and evidence to help validate the claims made in the movie, but …

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How Did I Gain So Much Weight? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and was confused. I couldn’t believe that I was so much heavier that the photo on the bureau in front of me. When did that happen? And honestly, I really could answer. How did I gain so much weight and not even know about it?

But funny enough, this is so many people’s story. We silently gain weight, with negative repercussions to our health, dramatically decreasing our quality of life. And when we notice the weight gain and make an attempt to lose the weight, we have no real concrete direction on how to do it in a sustainable way.

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Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau – Healthy Keto Diet

Many people do a ketogenic lifestyle because they are trying to lose weight. So when we hit a weight loss plateau, it almost seems like the end of the world. The energy invested in breaking through that weight loss stall is impressive.

But if we haven’t stopped to consider why we have stalled, we will not be able to appropriately over come the stall. Plateaus could be due to mistakes in how we are eating or our body’s need to focus the new found energy and quality building materials on fixing structural issues to help us function better.

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Keto is Real Food First, Say No to Processed Foods – Healthy Keto Diet

Eating a ketogenic diet means eating real food. Processed foods take a naturally occurring healthy food and change it in ways that absolutely affect our health. Whether it is by allowing us to eat more of it in one sitting or it is dramatically changing its chemistry so that it affects us in a very addictive way, the end result is the same.

We need to use caution when allowing ourselves to indulge in the ready to eat foods of the grocery store. They seem very convenient but in the end, they suck both your time and energy. How? When your body is failing, you will spend 20 times the money you saved and waste 20 times the hours in hospitals and doctor’s appointments.

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How to Stay Keto When Depressed – Healthy Keto Diet

Figuring out how to stay keto while depressed is about figuring out how to take care of yourself all the time. Unfortunately, we often avoid caring for ourselves when depressed. It is part of the problem.

The article Patrick brought this week caused a lot of frustration because I worry that people are more interested in selling a product or getting a view than they are interested in truly helping others.

We live in a “me, me, me” society and that is frustrating when we are talking about life and death situations. Yes, I’m going there. It is all well and good when you give misleading information where the end result is someone is set back a week. But what about when that information results in someone (like me) living in pain for a few days or even worse, not resolving their diabetes and having complications.

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How to Stop Binge Eating, How Keto Helps – Healthy Keto Diet

We put so much pressure on being thin, that many people have to find ways to stop binge eating! Why, because we restrict our eating so much that when we do eat, we over do it. And when we do binge eat, we typically do it in hiding, meaning that there is also an emotional component (shame) involved.

Something that has been spoken about repeatedly is that keto can help with the physical cravings of food addiction but it does not solve everything. You will still need to do some work to solve the emotional/binge eating component.

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Finally Reached Goal Weight, Now What? – Healthy Keto Diet

You’ve dreamed about this moment for months and then it happens. You’ve reached your goal weight. And after the excitement subsided, what’s next?

The weird part is that, if you don’t have a clear idea about how you will manage your maintenance, you run the risk of relapsing back to eating carbs.

I know, after months of hard work, hard to believe that you would risk weight gain and poor health. Yet, how often do we see this happen. Even with keto. Why?

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How to Avoid Getting Fat on Vacation! – Healthy Keto Diet

To be successful on your keto vacation with the kids, have a plan. Seems so simple and yet when I talk to people who overate on their vacation, mostly it was because they just took it day by day.

The issue with taking it day by day is that, you are not on your regular schedule and have so much more time to be eating and indulging. This is especially important if you are a “foodie”. The fact that you see eating as a hobbie will mean that you actually will allow yourself to eat, even if not hungry.

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Tips for Staying Keto this Halloween – Healthy Keto Diet

Living a ketogenic lifestyle is hard enough during the year but add Halloween and it can be torturous to some people. Staying keto this Halloween may be tricky if it is your first time.

I’m going to share some information and ideas to ensure that you keep yourself on track. Those sweet little chocolate bars and candies are surely calling you but remember all the work you did to get this far … Let’s not throw it all away.

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