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The Truth about Belly Fat, What Jillian Didn’t Say – Healthy Keto Diet

Jillian Michaels doesn’t believe that there is anything specific that we can do to minimize belly fat besides eat less and move more. Now, after years in the fitness field, Ms. Michaels is more than likely aware that this advice is not supported by the current research. But the research does not support the eat less, move more framework that her fitness business is constructed on.  

Jillian Michaels expresses clear disdain for anyone who does not already know that belly fat is a result of overeating and that the clear answer is to stop overeating. Her video is short and to the point, the point being that we are wasting her time asking about belly fat. The question becomes, is Jillian Michaels really the place that you want to get your health information?  

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Is Keto Healthy for Children? – Healthy Keto Diet

Why isn’t anyone asking if sugar is healthy for children to eat? Oh, that’s because we already know the answer. Yet, how many children begin their day with a bowl of cereal, stack of pancakes, or fruit? How many children have ice cream and cookies on a daily basis? But when a parent decides to educate their child on how sugar affects them and perhaps direct them towards low carb or keto, all of a sudden, they are the one being accused of putting the child’s health at risk.

It seems to me that the health care system is putting our children at risk by functioning on a model that allows us to get sick and then treats with medication. What happened to the idea that food is medicine? Why aren’t we teaching our children to eat a proper diet so that they will have a healthy body?

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Carbs vs Ketosis, Understanding the Keto Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

Dr. Westman from Adapt Your Life, was very clear that keeping your carbs to less than 20 total grams per day was the key to ensure that most people would be in ketosis. Other doctors, like Dr. Eric Berg, Ken D Berry, MD, and Robert Cywes M.D. PhD, have all shown us that keeping your carbs under your personal threshold is the important factor in remaining in ketosis. What that means is that when you eat more carbs than your body can manage in a day, your body stops being in ketosis and resumes running on carbohydrates. This is done to ensure that your blood sugar remains at 5. If your blood sugar is too high, that is toxic and your body would rather save sugar as fat than allow you to die.

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The Best Low Carb High Fiber Foods For Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

On a ketogenic lifestyle, there is a belief that people will be low in fiber. The expectation is that we will eat 25 grams of fiber each day. The idea being that you need the fiber to remain regular for bowel movements.

In actuality, doctors state that magnesium is actually what helps us to remain regular. Magnesium allows the smooth muscle of the intestines to contract correctly and push the feces along.

Why do we need fiber? Actually, we don’t. But if it will help people to sleep better at night, this video explores some foods that are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

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Stop Calling Sugar Food – Healthy Keto Diet

So, there are supposed to be three macro nutrients. Protein, fats, and carbohydrates. I’m proposing that we stop calling carbohydrates macronutrients. After listening to  @Dr. Cywes the #CarbAddictionDoc  discuss this topic, looking up the definition of nourishment, and thinking about the effect of carbohydrates on our bodies, I strongly believe that sugar is an addictive substance, not a food.

I believe that we are in this situation because of the food companies desire to make money. By putting sugar in everything, they keep us chasing carbohydrates. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are eating cereal (sugar) which sets the tone for the rest of our day. We are pushed towards getting more sugar into our system because of the way our body manages extra sugar.

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Is the Keto Diet Really Healthy, NuSI Research Review – Healthy Keto Diet

Patrick found an article by the  @Diet Doctor  examining an eight week study from NuSI that suggested that the Keto diet is not a healthy alternative for people to follow. If you would like to improve your health, solve metabolic issues, and manage your weight, you may have been considering a ketogenic lifestyle. It was very interesting to compare how a psychologist (myself) and a medical doctor, Bret Scher evaluated the study.

 It is so important for everyone to do their research and make their decisions about health based on what will lead to improvement to the internal workings of the body, strength, and feeling healthy. To do this, we need to know how to interpret the information that we find.

Hopefully, videos like this will help you to read research findings in an analytical way so that you can get the best possible information. Or at minimum, understand what makes a research paper a valid source to consider when evaluating what you will do for your health.

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Body Positivity THE RIGHT WAY – Healthy Keto Diet

When you think of the body positive movement,  @Tess Holliday  immediately comes to mind. And with her comes the controversy. The body positive movement sounds like a very empowering and equalizing movement but somehow, it has created even more negative ideas about women and weight. How is that possible?

Honestly, it feels like there is a focus on using the movement to push agendas rather than help people change the way they are interacting with others. In fact, this movement is about redefining the way we judge each other. Rather than focusing on how much we weigh, focusing on the person within.

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12 Easy Healthy Food Swaps for ALL Diets – Healthy Keto Diet

Every person on the planet can benefit from examining their food choices and making adjustments that improve the quality of the food we eat. Patrick and I looked at an article that offered some interesting swaps that could be made to improve your health.

Better health is a goal that we should all aspire to have if we want to live a long and enjoyable life. Focusing on and working towards should be something that we actively try to achieve. Yet, when we speak to people, it becomes clear that improving health is often not on the agenda. Or at least not in an active way.

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Ridiculous Reasons that Dietitians Believe You Shouldn’t Do Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

We repeatedly are presented with ridiculous reasons that dietitians believe that you shouldn’t do keto. With no evidence to back up their claims, with not understanding of what keto is, dietitians and nutritionists continue to talk about keto in a negative way.

I would like to state, for the record, that I am willing to review any article from a dietitian or nutritionist who actually takes the time to understands keto. That means that the person does research into what happens when you lower your carbohydrate intake to less than 20 grams per day. That the person takes the time to understand what carbohydrates do in the body.

Unfortunately, I doubt that a dietitian or nutritionist would actually fully investigate keto in an honest way and give the research that they used to come to their conclusions. Which would mean choosing quality research with quality research methods.

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