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Keto Doesn’t Work For Me No Matter How Much I Try – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

How many times have I heard “keto doesn’t work for me no matter how much I try” when talking to people who have given up on the ketogenic lifestyle? What is happening in those situations? Did your body actually respond poorly to a healthy diet … or is it possible that there was something else happening?

The best way to solve a problem is to look at it objectively and then systematically control the variables. We are not willing to do that when it comes to our diet. We want a solution that will work within a few months and that will take little to no effort.

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Doing Keto Perfectly But Not Losing Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are you doing keto perfectly but not losing weight? Are you confused about how to get the results that you’ve heard about? Are you close to giving up on keto? We know how frustrating it can be to see everyone else getting results when you are not. There is a solution.

There are multiple reasons that you may be experiencing less weight loss right now. We will walk you through those reasons and what your best course of action is, if you would like to get healthy and lose the weight.

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What is Metabolic Syndrome? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What is metabolic syndrome and how does it affect our lives? Each day when you eat, your body needs to process the food. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that tend to occur together. If you have 3 out of 5 of the conditions, you are considered to have metabolic syndrome.

However, many keto doctors have stated that the conditions are all an indication that you actually have insulin resistance. Therefore, having any one of the indicators is a reason to modify your eating habits and eat a healthy ketogenic diet.

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Help, My Family Isn’t Keto – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

My family isn’t keto and I’m worried that I will be tempted to eat high carb foods taht come into the house. Or, my family isn’t keto but they need to be keto to be healthy. If you were wondering how to do keto as a family or how to get your husband to do keto, you may be surprised to learn that getting them on board may be harder than explaining to them what you’ve learned about food.

We are addicted to carbs. Because of our sugar addiction, we overeat on a very regular basis to get that dopamine hit and endorphin rush. We are so used to getting it, that we defend our addiction instantaneously and vigorously. It is amazing how quickly people reply “I could never give up bread”. But if someone were to say “I could never give up alcohol” we look at them with judgment.

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Why Keto Isn’t Working Anymore – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

If you find yourself wondering why keto isn’t working anymore, this video will help you trouble shoot your diet and get back on track. With the guidance of doctors like Dr. Berg, Dr. Berry, Dr. Masson, Dr. Fung, Dr. Ekberg, and Dr. Cywes (to name a few), we can now take steps to really improve our health and get our weight under control.

If you believe that keto stopped working and you are doing all the steps correctly, there are simple steps to take to get back on track. Keep focused and prioritize your health. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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We Quit Sugar (Spoiler, It Wasn’t ALL Good!!!) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What happened when we quit sugar? What were the benefits of eating fewer carbs and what were the drawbacks? We discuss our experience with eating a ketogenic diet and low carb over the past two years to help you better understand what to expect.

These are our experiences with quitting sugar. Although results do vary, it can be good to know some of the possible challenges and pitfalls of eliminating sugar in advance because it allows you to plan for them.

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You Are Unique, Sugar’s Affect on YOUR Body! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Sugar’s affect on your body is specific to your eating and health history. This helps us to understand why some people gain weight, others have inflammation issues, still others have skin issues. There are several possible avenues that our body can take to eliminate the excess of sugar from our blood. And the results are always better than the death that will result if the sugar remains in our blood.

How often have I heard people say “you’re so lucky that you can eat like that and stay thin” not realizing that the person they are talking to has terrible joint pain that impedes daily activities.

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My Diet Stopped Working, Keto Challenges – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What is happening if my diet stopped working? Chances are, you stopped doing keto appropriately. Carb creep, extra protein, a cheat day, there are many things that we do that affect our body’s ability to maintain good health.

And ultimately, it is about health. If you are eating a healthy keto diet and you stop losing weight, what does that actually mean? Could it be that you’ve reached your ideal weight for your body? Could it be that your body is strong enough to focus on repair and has stopped prioritizing weight loss.

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The Real Secret to Successful Weight Loss – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

So many people don’t believe you can have successful weight loss after 40. They think that as you age, weight gain is just a part of life. But I am an example of how you can lose weight successfully without surgery and maintain that weight loss for years.

Weight loss is a matter of understanding how the body works and then applying that reality to your diet. Of course we need to be consistent in choosing appropriate foods, finding great tasting recipes, and planning our meals. These small steps will help us not only lose the weight but keep the weight off.

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Don’t Be Like Everyone Else: Fat and Sick (FOMO) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I want to be like everyone else is the most common reason I hear for not achieving our life goals. We want to eat like everyone else, not realizing that everyone else is addicted to carbs and on the road to metabolic issues. This fear of missing out that we all suffer from keeps us fat and sick because rather than focus on health, we focus on taste.

The momentary pleasure that we get from food does not compare to the years of slow suffering that we live from the sugar overload. So why do we do it? FOMO. We want to be like everyone else, even if it kills us. We want to eat like everyone else despite seeing our weight rise and our health diminish.

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