Category: Promoting Mental Health Awareness

Perfectionist Trap – How Trying To Be The Best Can Ruin Your Life

The perfectionist trap is so seductive. Who doesn’t want to be at their perfect weight, have the perfect relationship, with perfect friends, and the perfect job. When we daydream about how we want our lives to look in 5 years, we rarely envision health problems or fights with our friends. And that’s what a daydream is supposed to look like, right?
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High Functioning Depression – Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)

Depression hurts. That is the tagline from commercials that aim to help the general public understand depression. So, how is it possible that someone who is depressed would be laughing and smiling? These people can’t pull themselves out of bed and yet you are telling me that they have jobs, friends, and hobbies? Isn’t that a contradiction?
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To Be Succesful Flexibility is Key

Charles Darwin taught us that IQ and brute strength were not what predicts who will survive but actually it was flexibility. To be successful in today’s world there is the financial component but we cannot forget about the emotional components. A successful life takes both an ability to care for oneself financially as well as emotional stability. I look at how flexibility will affect your everyday survival. We need to make choices on a daily basis and understanding how flexibility or lack there of affects happiness.
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