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Why You Always Feel Hungry, Three Meals a Day Lie – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Ever wonder why you always feel hungry, even after a rather large meal? There seems to be this never ending sense of having the munchies! And when we resist eating something, our mood plumets.

We are addicted to food, or more specifically, addicted to sugar. Many of us are absolutely unaware of our addiction. And therefore, ignore our addictive behavior or actually, excuse our addictive behavior by normalizing it.

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Processed Foods are Killing Us! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Most people are not aware that processed foods are killing us because we think that all foods are healthy. Unfortunately, most processed foods remove what little nutrients were in the food to begin with, leading to a need to fortify the food. Add to this that most processed foods are high in carbohydrates and it becomes clear that they are unhealthy.

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