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Low Carb Snacks that Aid Weight Loss – Healthy Keto Diet

Low carb snacks can aid in weight loss. Obviously, it is better to eat a meal rather than a snack. But if you are doing a low carb lifestyle or a SAD lifestyle and are looking for better snacks, these can help you to lose or maintain your weight.

As I’ve said repeatedly, eating a ketogenic lifestyle and having any “fun” food at the end of your meal as a dessert is preferable to eating a snack a few hours later. Every time you eat a snack (so eat between meals) you are raising your insulin levels. This increases the chance of developing insulin resistance.

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Weight Loss Motivation – Why You Haven’t Started – Healthy Keto Diet

Have weight to lose but not really bothered? Many of us are in that situation. But the question is what are you waiting for. Trying to lose weight is difficult and most people who know they have weight to lose are afraid to fail. But what about all of those people who are unaware that they actually have weight to lose.

There is a very natural phenomenon that occurs when changes occur slowly. We don’t notice. How many people are actually shocked when they come to realize that they have gained weight? Surprisingly, many.

Weight, like age, changes on a daily basis. Sometimes we gain a bit. Sometimes we lose a bit. But, for most people in North America, over the course of a year, the net is a gain of about 1 or 2 pounds. This is a very small amount for any given year, but after 10 or 20 years, we could have gained 40 pounds.

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Keto Meal Prep Made Easy – Our Keto Pantry Staples – Healthy Keto Diet

Keto meal prep can be easy if you are prepared. The best way to be prepared to do a ketogenic lifestyle is to have several keto staples in your pantry. So pull out your keto grocery list and take note of some of the healthy food options you can add to your keto shopping list.

Whenever we try to change our lifestyle, we need to prepare ourselves. Taking the time to truly understand what foods will help you to be successful in your ketogenic diet will also mean improved health and wellness.

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What Can We Learn From the Biggest Loser Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

The biggest loser has given us years of data about how successful a calorie restriction diet can be. So what can we learn from the biggest loser diet.

It is hard not to call the biggest loser diet a scam because the people who did the diet tended to regain the weight. But the diet industry has this tendency to promote methods of weight loss that just are not sustainable.

The biggest loser diet taught us that making money is still a priority to the diet industry because they continued to promote this show for more than 17 seasons (season 18 scheduled to air in 2020) despite knowing that the diet is not sustainable.

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Keto Athlete – Is It a Fairy Tale – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is it possible to be a keto athlete? Can you get the gains and pump in the gym while eating a ketogenic diet? What about the carbohydrates? Aren’t carbohydrates the best energy source?

Carbohydrates are not necessary to consume for a workout or any other reason. Your body is fully capable of creating the carbohydrates it needs for a workout or to run away from a dangerous animal.

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How Food Companies Keep Us Fat – Healthy Keto Diet

Food companies want to make money and they accomplish that by selling foods that compel us to eat more and more. This is not healthy. We are in an obesity crisis in North America due to our insatiable need to carb up.

I have heard someone say that in today’s society we vote with our dollars and I want everyone to know that we encourage food companies to continue to feed us carbohydrate heavy foods by purchasing them.

We all have a responsibility to choose what foods we buy based on how we want to fuel ourselves. Years ago, we were encouraged to eat our vegetables before we could leave the table. But today, we fill our plates with pasta, rice, potatoes, and other unhealthy foods because we don’t believe we will be able to convince our children to eat them. And frankly, we don’t want to eat them. We need to stop that.

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What is Metabolic Syndrome – The Real Cure – Healthy Keto Diet

Finding the definition of metabolic syndrome is easy and yet finding out how to manage it, is misleading. You see, the five elements of metabolic syndrome are well known but the actions you should take if you have it are not explained well.

The end result, many people who have metabolic syndrome or a symptoms of metabolic syndrome end up on medication rather than making lifestyle changes that would solve metabolic syndrome in a healthier way.

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Fad Diets Vs Weight Loss Tips – Healthy Keto Diet

How can you tell the difference between Fad Diets and valid weight loss tips. The simple answer, good weight loss tips follow the way the body actually works. Honestly, there isn’t much more to say about it than that.

You want to be happy? You want to solve your metabolic issues? You want to use your body effectively to do what you want and to live happy? Take the time to understand what your body actually needs as fuel and then eat that. I know, almost seems too simple but that is what you can do right now to be healthier.

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Beware What Types of Carbohydrates You Eat – Healthy Keto Diet

Not all carbohydrates affect our bodies the same way. The types of carbohydrates you eat will affect your health and weight.

We’ve been told for years that fruit is healthy but recent information has taught us that we do not digest carbohydrates in fruit well. As a matter of fact, the fructose is only metabolized in the liver which is extremely problematic to our health.

By being conscious of how carbohydrates affect us, we are more aware of carbohydrate metabolism and how most people have carbohydrate addiction. That sweet flavor that we get from junk food and fruit is equally problematic to our bodies.

In this video I explain why sugar and fruit are just dangerous. I want you to live a happy healthy life and anything I can do to increase awareness and help someone out there to make a better choice, I will do.

I work on being happy everyday because happiness is a journey. It would be my pleasure to help you work on being happy, one video at a time.

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Fast Weight Loss Isn’t the Goal – Healthy Keto Diet

Have you been trying to achieve fast weight loss? Did you notice that when the weight comes off fast, it gets back on just as fast?

Fast weight loss is not sustainable because it does not address the metabolic issues and carb addiction that is contributing to the weight gain. By forcing your body to lose weight by withholding nutrition (low calorie diets), you force your body to slow down your metabolism and stop any energy intensive activities (including growth, menstruation, autophagy, etc). The weight loss is therefore not sustainable.

When we do extreme diets, our body works on getting the most nutrients out of the food to nourish us. But this is not sustainable. When your body slows metabolism and eventually shuts down important processes, you are actually harming your body in an attempt to lose weight. Now, most people do not lower their caloric intake long enough to shut down menstruation because that means enduring extreme hunger.

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