Month: June 2020

The Coping By Avoiding Trap – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

When we drink to feel better we are engaging the coping by avoiding trap. It’s a trap because avoidance behavoirs do not solve your problems. In fact each time do self soothing behaviors, you risk addiction. Yes, most avoidance behaviors are actually addictive behaviors.

We all know that being addictive is a bad thing. So why are we allowing ourselves to engage addictive behaviors? Because since we’ve been young, we have been taought to avoid problems. And now coping by avoiding comes second nature to us.

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The Real Secret to Successful Weight Loss – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

So many people don’t believe you can have successful weight loss after 40. They think that as you age, weight gain is just a part of life. But I am an example of how you can lose weight successfully without surgery and maintain that weight loss for years.

Weight loss is a matter of understanding how the body works and then applying that reality to your diet. Of course we need to be consistent in choosing appropriate foods, finding great tasting recipes, and planning our meals. These small steps will help us not only lose the weight but keep the weight off.

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Don’t Be Like Everyone Else: Fat and Sick (FOMO) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I want to be like everyone else is the most common reason I hear for not achieving our life goals. We want to eat like everyone else, not realizing that everyone else is addicted to carbs and on the road to metabolic issues. This fear of missing out that we all suffer from keeps us fat and sick because rather than focus on health, we focus on taste.

The momentary pleasure that we get from food does not compare to the years of slow suffering that we live from the sugar overload. So why do we do it? FOMO. We want to be like everyone else, even if it kills us. We want to eat like everyone else despite seeing our weight rise and our health diminish.

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Effortless Weight Loss is a Lie! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but effortless weight loss is a lie. in our immediate gratification society, we seem to believe we are entitled to whatever we want with little to no effort. This is not reality. Although weight loss is a simple process, it takes time, consistency, and commitment to accomplish.

Society expects us to look amazing all the time but in reality, we have so many issues in life and poor information about food that most of us are overweight. The psychological pressure that we feel to be fit causes many of us to feel like failures.

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Fantasizing About Cookies Makes You Fat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

When you try to change your eating habits, you may find yourself fantasizing about junk food that you know is not a part of your new diet. We think it is harmless to fantasizing about cookies but in fact, when we daydream about eating cookies, psychologically we are actually eating the cookies.

All too often, we try to ignore the physiological and psychological elements of how our body works in favour of laboratory physics of food in a non human situation. We are homosapians and that fact is more important than anything else we will ever learn in physics or chemistry. We always need to put what we learn in a biological/psychological framework to be able to create realistic answers for humans.

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Keto 2.0: They FINALLY Made Keto Safe! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What the heck is Keto 2.0 and why should we care? The mainstream medical professionals believe that we should not be eating animal products. So Keto 2.0 encourages us to eat fatty fish. Wait, isn’t that already promoted on a ketogenic lifestyle?

Keto 2.0 is Keto. These artificial rules that they are trying to impose as a sign of new keto are actually a distraction so that they can finally find a way to sell us keto products.

The goal of Keto 2.0, to create a trap! Don’t eat healthy animal proteins, eat these artificial keto products instead. Bars, shakes, and snacks instead of real food. But wait, isn’t keto real food first. We are hearing more lies from big food pushing us away from solivng our metabolic issues and back to processed foods?! And back to big pharma.

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Real Love vs Fantasy: Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships

Are you searching for real love vs fantasy focused. So many of us think that we are trying to find real love but then get caught up in the fantasy scenarios in our mind or portrayed on in movies.

Being realistic about relationships means that you can solve issues quickly and enjoy a deep, meaningful connection to your spouse. This is important for the longevity of any relationship.

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