Month: April 2020

How to Manage Depression During Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Self isolation depression from the quarantine is increasing. We need to learn how to manage depression during covid-19. Unfortunately, we will be dealing with the coronavirus quarantine on some scale for the foreseeable future. Many people are beginning to feel the effects of social distancing. Although it is necessary for our safety and to rebuild our country’s health, it is extremely difficult on our population.

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Health is Determined by Food You Eat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

For decades we have known that health is determined by food but we insist on feeding our bodies junk. We prefer to eat cookies and pancakes over a healthy diet that builds our bodies.

So many people take prescription drugs rather than eat a healthy ketogenic diet. Since food is medicine, wouldn’t eating well and allowing your body to use the healthy food to rebuild and repair lead to better results. We have such a hard time understanding that our body is looking for specific ingredients to build itself.

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