Month: March 2020

Metabolic Reset Healed Me! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I accidentally did a keto metabolic reset and I’m loving it. If you were looking for a way to do a healthy metabolic reset that is all natural and safe, living a ketogenic lifestyle actually puts our body back to its best functioning.

Our bodies are meant not only to survive, but to thrive. When we eat a proper diet that provides the fuel and nutrients our body needs, our body automatically begins to rebuild and repair.

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Dr Berry Changed My Life, 10 Things I Learned – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

When I learned that sugar causes inflammation, I began to do some research. Finding Dr Berry changed my life. There were 10 things I learned about the keto diet from Dr. berry that have affected the way that I have lived my keto lifestyle.

Dr Berry has a very entertaining way of delivery educational content that helps you to retain the information and want to learn more.

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CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY, How Are You Coping? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are you experiencing coronavirus anxiety? The pandemic of covid-19 has resulted in governments issuing closure notices to all establishments that could have more than 250 people. This has heightented the concern about the coronavirus and resulted in many people stock piling food and toiletries. Is this reaction necessary?

What is important for us to keep in mind is that covid-19 is a virus. That means that you can only contract the coronavirus if you in contact with the virus. Taking the normal precautions of washing our hands, disinfecting items we purchase at the store, and keeping our distance when speaking to people, as we should do during any flu season, will result in minimizing the spread of the virus.

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Weight Loss Goals, Achieve Rather than Avoid – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Are you focused on weight loss goals or health and wellness goals? Surprisingly, many people continue to focus on weight loss rather than on health. This can cause issues for longterm weight management.

When we focus on weight loss, we tend to have a negative mindset (I’m fat). This is due to the fact that most people do not try to lose weight unless they have weight to lose. Compared to a health and wellness goal which we can aim at maintaining even if we are already healthy (I want to stay strong and flexible).

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Do It Now, End Procrastination

Put an end to procrastination by understanding what causes it. We waste so much time on seemingly unimportant tasks but give little attention to the tasks that could help us move forward in life. If procrastination has caused you to lose a relationship, job opportunity, or impacted your health, there is an important piece of information that you need to change the way you approach problems.

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American Diabetes Association Hires a Diabetic CEO, Tracey Brown – Healthy Keto Diet

For the first time in 80 years, the  @American Diabetes Association  has hired a diabetic to be the CEO of the company. What is even more striking, Tracey D Brown has opened up about using food, specifically, limiting carbohydrates, to decrease her insulin use and get off of 3 out of 4 of her diabetic medications.

I am optimistic that the new CEO of the American Diabetes Association will push for research and implement the abundant knowledge that already exists that shows that a keto lifestyle is a cure for diabetes.

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What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

People have been very curious about what I eat in a day on keto and I have been hesitant to share that information. The main reason that I have resisted giving you a full day of eating video is that I truly believe that you should not eat like me. Doing keto in a healthy way means understanding why you eat what you eat. Just following someone else’s plan is risky because if you get bored with it, you will likely go back to your old eating habits.

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