Month: January 2020

Keto Diet: What to Expect – Healthy Keto Diet

So many people fail when they first try the keto diet. What to expect when you begin? The problem is when most people begin a keto diet, they have no idea what to eat, how their body will react, how long it will take to get into ketosis, or any of the very basic details of the diet. It is so simple, eat less than 20 grams of carbs per day, and yet so complicated, because our bodies are actually quite complex.

Taking the time to learn how food affects our metabolism ensures that when we do a keto diet, what to eat is a mystery to us. Having a healthy keto diet plan means that you will become fully fat adapted and begin to reap the benefits of eating a healthy diet on a regular basis. The only way that you will solve your metabolic and weight issues is to make keto a lifestyle rather than a diet.

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Why Jillian Michaels Lizzo Comments are Concerning – Health Keto Diet

People seemed up in arms about Jillian Michaels stating that Lizzo is in an unhealthy state due to her excess weight. Actually that is not why I find Jillian Michaels Lizzo comments problematic. Jillian Michaels continues to preach move less eat more and does whatever she can to put herself in our path so that she can convince those who are vulnerable to her fear tactics that she has the answer.

I am fairly certain that all the wellness warriors see through her misinformation but it is everyone else that we are trying to help. I worry that they will believe what Jillian is saying about weight loss and get on a path to poor health, disappointment, and eventually, increased weight. Eat less, move more has contributed to so much yo-yo dieting and frustration because on paper it seems to make sense. We need to understand that our bodies function a certain way and hormones do what they will do, whether our logic likes it or not.

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Basic Rules of Keto Diet, Let’s Dig Deeper – Healthy Keto Diet

There are some basic rules of keto diet that you need to understand in order to improve your health. Doing your keto diet research is important because it ensures that you actually do the very basic keto steps that are necessary to actually improve your health. What is frustrating is that so many people treat keto like a diet rather than a lifestyle.

Treating keto as a lifestyle is where all the gold is. When you are making meals based on the ketogenic diet basics, you are actually feeding your body the building blocks and energy necessary to grow the healthiest keto adapted body possible. This is vital to your longevity and coincidentally results in weight loss.

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Healthy Mindset for Weight Loss – Healthy Keto Diet

Do you have a healthy mindset for weight loss? How would you know if you’ve created a healthy diet plan for weight loss at home? I know that when I was eating the standard american diet, I was with healthy weight loss because I was not aware that there was actually a specific mindset for weight loss.

When we have a mindset for weight loss, we work harder to achieve our goals. We do the research to understand our body and we apply those findings to our lives. How often do I talk to people who seem to know the details of Keto but then they are not acting on that information. They go out to eat in restaurants but do not make special requests to create the meal that would support their goals. They allow their friends ideas about how they eat change the foods they choose during social occasions. Each of these mistakes affect their progress because it slows down their weight loss and disrupts the connection between their stated food mindset and their actions.

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Stop Calling Keto a Sugar Free Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

Nutritionists really need to stop calling keto a sugar free diet. On a healthy keto diet you eat low carbohydrate vegetables (yes, vegetables = sugar) on a daily basis. That is where you spend your 20 grams of carbs a day. So why do dietitians keep saying that when you do a ketogenic diet you won’t get enough fiber or that you won’t get your micro nutrients?

Sugar is a big business. And not just the white grainy substance that we put in our coffee, sugar is in every processed food that we buy, all vegetables, and grains. So the crops that the government invests in and labels as part of a healthy diet is actually heavy in sugar content. How could the government then endorse a sugar free low carb diet. That might destroy profit margins. Now that sounds very cynical. Would our government really care more about profit than our health?

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The Truth about Belly Fat, What Jillian Didn’t Say – Healthy Keto Diet

Jillian Michaels doesn’t believe that there is anything specific that we can do to minimize belly fat besides eat less and move more. Now, after years in the fitness field, Ms. Michaels is more than likely aware that this advice is not supported by the current research. But the research does not support the eat less, move more framework that her fitness business is constructed on.  

Jillian Michaels expresses clear disdain for anyone who does not already know that belly fat is a result of overeating and that the clear answer is to stop overeating. Her video is short and to the point, the point being that we are wasting her time asking about belly fat. The question becomes, is Jillian Michaels really the place that you want to get your health information?  

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Is Keto Healthy for Children? – Healthy Keto Diet

Why isn’t anyone asking if sugar is healthy for children to eat? Oh, that’s because we already know the answer. Yet, how many children begin their day with a bowl of cereal, stack of pancakes, or fruit? How many children have ice cream and cookies on a daily basis? But when a parent decides to educate their child on how sugar affects them and perhaps direct them towards low carb or keto, all of a sudden, they are the one being accused of putting the child’s health at risk.

It seems to me that the health care system is putting our children at risk by functioning on a model that allows us to get sick and then treats with medication. What happened to the idea that food is medicine? Why aren’t we teaching our children to eat a proper diet so that they will have a healthy body?

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Carbs vs Ketosis, Understanding the Keto Diet – Healthy Keto Diet

Dr. Westman from Adapt Your Life, was very clear that keeping your carbs to less than 20 total grams per day was the key to ensure that most people would be in ketosis. Other doctors, like Dr. Eric Berg, Ken D Berry, MD, and Robert Cywes M.D. PhD, have all shown us that keeping your carbs under your personal threshold is the important factor in remaining in ketosis. What that means is that when you eat more carbs than your body can manage in a day, your body stops being in ketosis and resumes running on carbohydrates. This is done to ensure that your blood sugar remains at 5. If your blood sugar is too high, that is toxic and your body would rather save sugar as fat than allow you to die.

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