Month: November 2019

Careful, These AREN’T Low Carb Foods – Healthy Keto Diet

Occasionally, we accidentally eat food that have more carbohydrates than we thought. We also, sometimes eat too much of a low carb food, therefore eating more carbs than we thought.

I can say that I was surprised by some of the carbohydrate counts on a few of the foods that Patrick presented. This again reinforces how important it is to read labels and weigh your food. The only way that you can be certain that you have not eaten more carbs than you body can manage is to weigh them.

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Ate Like Dr. Berg and This is What Happened – Healthy Keto Diet

What will I eat if I cut out bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta? The common question that is asked by those who learn about the ketogenic diet. Especially if Keto is being presented as a solution for metabolic issues. When I was faced with this question, I just ate like Dr. Berg given the amazing results I saw that he had in his own health and helping so many other people.

Making the decision to eat like Dr. Berg was not hard. You see, the pain in my hip was so extreme, I was desperate to find a real solution. I also prefer to use all natural solutions, so food seemed to be the obvious solution.

The fear of not being able to eat food and the fear of being hungry all the time, like all other diets, seems insurmountable to most people. So finding Dr. Berg’s videos explaining that I would be able to eat such a large amount of food was very comforting.

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Another Attack on Coconut Oil, This is Why CBC is Wrong – Healthy Keto Diet

There a many reasons that have been discussed to promote the use of coconut oil. Health and weight loss benefits among some of the benefit of consuming coconut oil. Interestingly, there could be an argument that if you are consuming large amounts of sugar (more than 20 grams a day), your really shouldn’t consume a lot of any fat. We all know that high fat, high carb leads to excessive weight gain. But they do not even speak about sugar in this video.

Honestly, I do see where bringing sugar into the story would have probably upset whoever sponsored this video. There seems to be a strong underlying “saturated fat is bad” message. Which makes me think that they used coconut oil to take a shot at keto without actually saying it out loud. The cyclist who puts fat in his coffee, going to the coffee shop and ordering two coffees with coconut oil. Seems that they focused on those fatty coffees a bit too much.

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Jillian Michaels and Intermittent Fasting: Why She’s Wrong – Healthy Keto Diet

I’m constantly baffled by the videos that I watch from Jillian Michaels. Her ability to mislead people about their health while in the same breath promoting her book is amazing. The question I have is, if you cannot even define intermittent fasting, why would I believe anything you’ve written about autophagy and apoptosis.

As I’ve often said, you do not need to agree with a way of life to appropriately define it. You can always sell products and services to people that are unnecessary because people like to have easy answers. That is not going to change because the truth about carbohydrate is being shared.

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The Game Changers, Misleading on Purpose! – Healthy Keto Diet

The game changers was a very misleading movie and I think that was done on purpose. The majority of the movie was spent trying to convince us to set aside what we know about health for their fictional idea that a plant based diet will improve disorders we know are caused by excessive carbohydrates.

It is unfortunate that we allow ourselves to push agendas at the expense of people’s lives. I would have loved to have seen some proper research and evidence to help validate the claims made in the movie, but …

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These Are the Top Reasons People Quit Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

These are the top reasons that people quit keto before they have gained the benefits of better health and improved weight. When we understand what blocks our progress, we can anticipate the issues and have a plan to over come them.

There really isn’t any “good” reason to quit keto before you achieve your health goals. There also isn’t a reason to quit keto after you’ve achieved your goal. But for some reason, people do quit. What’s more, those who quit feel validated because so many doctors state that it is not sustainable.

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Living a Keto Lifestyle, 17 Keto Tag Questions – Healthy Keto Diet

For those of you who have been wondering, does she walk the walk, I’ve decided to answer these 17 question keto tag. I know that there have been so many influencers who have claimed to be doing one thing and then in reality they were not.

I can only share my information with you and let you know that this is what it is. Health and wellness is my passion. Both psychological and physical. I will always do my best to keep my mind and body healthy with the most up to date information that I have at the time.

I’ve decided to share this information with you because, again, it is what I do. I’ve often read that in order to be successful, you should examine what successful people do, how successful people think, and try to incorporate what you can in your own strategies.

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How Did I Gain So Much Weight? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and was confused. I couldn’t believe that I was so much heavier that the photo on the bureau in front of me. When did that happen? And honestly, I really could answer. How did I gain so much weight and not even know about it?

But funny enough, this is so many people’s story. We silently gain weight, with negative repercussions to our health, dramatically decreasing our quality of life. And when we notice the weight gain and make an attempt to lose the weight, we have no real concrete direction on how to do it in a sustainable way.

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