Month: June 2019

What Nutritionists and Dietitians Say About Keto – Healthy Keto Diet

It is all about good information. What do nutritionists and dietitians say about the ketogenic diet? Do they give a balanced and fair assessment?

Most people assume that nutritionists and dietitians would not give a positive review of keto because it threatens their income. I disagree with that idea. I think that anyone who wants to help others and chose the field of nutrition would still give the information even if that meas less income. Why? I do believe in the idea that most people are honest and seek to do good. There are many ways to make money and keeping people sick is unnecessary because there will always be people who need assistance with food for other reasons.

What I believe is that most nutritionists and dietitians were educated with the same information that most doctors were. And that information is out dated.

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Health Benefits of Fasting – Healthy Keto Diet

We need to understand the health benefits of fasting in order to decide if we will fast or not. But we get such mixed information about fasting that it does not help the average person feel that it is a worth while health practice.

Fasting is the cheapest way to clean up metabolic issues that exists. It actually costs nothing and gives those who do it so much.

Fasting is like having a maid come to the house and completely clean it from top to bottom for free. And I guarantee that if you knew what phone number to call to get that service, you would do it.

You see, our bodies can only engage one power hungry activity at a time. Cell clean up or autophagy is very energy intensive, as is digestion. Since we have a tendency to eat every 3 hours, our body does not get enough opportunities to engage biological clean up.

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What is Carb Loading? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

So I learned what carb loading is in this video. Not a concept that I have experience with because I am not a marathon runner and honestly can say that jogging is an exercise I avoid at all costs.

With that being said, carb loading seems like an idea that was developed by someone who does not understand the way that the body functions. I say this because the idea that we will need to eat a large amount of carbohydrates today so that our body has glycogen to use in a marathon tomorrow does not make sense. Our body continually replenishes our glycogen stores each time we eat. Further more, since our body works towards keeping our body in a state that it can react to the environment, if we are not currently using large amounts of energy, any carbs we eat will go towards replenishing the storage.

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Watch This to Start Keto Successfully – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

To be successful, you need to have a clear goal and a solid plan. Your health and wellness is no exception. To successfully lose weight, be strong, and use your body the way you want to, you need to understand how the body works and then take steps based on that information.

Every body functions a certain way because we are all human. Within our humanity, we were raised eating a certain diet, in a certain climate, exposed to certain toxins and environmental factors that means that each individual will have their specific reactions to food.

In order to make good decisions about your diet and your health, you need to really understand that there are basic principals of how the human body uses food and then how you specifically will react to a particular food.

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Keto Starter Kit – Scam? – Healthy Keto Diet

14 months ago when I began the keto lifestyle, I did not have a keto starter kit. The question is, did I need one?

Big business does not care about our health, they care about the bottom line. It is really important to remember that when you are making purchasing decision related to food. There are food scientists whose job is solely to find the right combination of sugar and salt to add to a food to make it more palatable. They call this the bliss point, when food tastes so good that you cannot resist eating it.

I don’t know how you feel about someone manipulating the ingredients of food to essentially make it addictive but I’m outraged by this practice.

Ironically, most people would buy snacks anyway, just because they are used to snacking. There isn’t actually a need for this level of manipulation.

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Metabolic Flexibility on a Keto Diet – Are Carbs Bad for You – Healthy Keto Diet

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to respond or adapt to conditional changes in metabolic demand. This relates to any adaption to climate, lighting, or fuel source. In the keto world, there is a lot of emphasis on metabolic flexibility but I believe, for the wrong reasons.

What I have noticed is that the average person is seeking to be metabolically flexible so that they can resume eating carb heavy foods. So, rather than adapting to what is necessary to survive, they would like to indulge in poor quality foods under the guise of metabolic flexibility.

Unfortunately, our body is a very sensitive machine. So, when you try to use the lowest quality fuel to run a sensitive machine, the results are very predictable. Damage to the machine. And despite the fact that we have seen this result over and over (it is the reason many people are on a ketogenic diet, to solve metabolic problems arising from consumption of poor quality food), the majority continue to focus on resuming poor eating.

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10 Keto Diet Myths – What the Heck Were They Thinking – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

When I began my research into Keto, I found many scary facts that I now know lies or keto diet myths. These myths definitely made me think twice about my decision to do keto and as a matter of fact, are likely why it took me more than two months to actually start. You see, when it comes to my health, or any other major project that I begin, I believe in doing the research.

And research is what I did. Which is why I’m making this video. With all the keto diet noise out there, we need to make the effort to present more videos that promote the truth, to counter the videos that promote fear.

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Does Keto Suppress Appetite – Healthy Keto Diet

I feel like today’s video is a bit of a rant. I don’t know why people believe that the keto diet suppresses appetite. But this is a statement that I’ve heard on several videos and read in many articles.

Does keto suppress appetite any more than SAD suppresses appetite or the cabbage diet suppressed appetite? Why all the confusion? Is it a grammar issues? Or, is it a lack of respect for the body and understanding of what happens when you live a ketogenic lifestyle.

In order to be healthy, we need to feed our body with nutrient dense, high quality food. I’m not saying you need to bankrupt yourself purchasing groceries. What I’m saying is if there is any area of your life where you should be investing, it should be in the fuel that will build your body.

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