Month: May 2019

Ask Me Questions About My Fast and Keto Life – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Recent posts about my fast seemed to contradict my daily eating routine and someone asked me about it. As I answer every message that I get (and will continue to do so, as long as it remains possible) it occurred to me that I haven’t really spoken about my personal reasons for fasting.

Today’s video is more personal because I talk about some of my own practices of fasting, eating, and staying healthy. The ketogenic lifestyle has helped me to change my life. As a psychologist, I believe that correcting misconceptions about how weight can be effectively managed is really important. We need good information to make solid decisions about our future.

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The Right Way to Diet – Lose Weight and Keep It Off | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I think the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. And the best way to keep that information in your head is to have a memory aid.

Today’s video is a very good memory aid for anyone who has ever been confused about why they would eat a certain way and how the food contributes to their health.

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Jillian Michaels Attacks Keto to Promote Her New Book

Jillian Michaels released a new book called The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty in December 2018 I have not read the book.

Of course, Jillian attacks the ketogenic diet while promoting her book. So, here are some comments on the podcast and what I hope is a fair discussion about some of her comments.

Keep in mind, to enjoy health and wellness, it is important that we seek information that will help us do better in life. Sometimes, we gather more information because our curiosity is peaked and that pushes us to do research and gather more information. The many keto conferences that now exist are a testament to that.

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End Weight Loss Stalls

Weight loss stalls are frustrating. But we can end weight loss stalls with the purchase of a good food scale:

A good food scale will allow you to know how much of a particular salad or vegetable you are eating. You can then put that information into a food calculator like and be certain that you have eating less than 20 grams in your day.

The ketogenic diet is a diet that only works if you keep your carbohydrate intake very low. When we try to guess at how many carbs we have eaten, we are likely to eat more than 20 because it adds up really quickly.

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When the Heck Am I Supposed to Eat – Psychological Food Cues | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day but we are rarely hungry when we get up. Eating before bed is supposed to cause fat to cling to your hips and we are often hungry before bed. When the heck am I supposed to eat?

There are so many psychological food cues at play to determine when we eat that we rarely eat because we are hungry. Yet, shouldn’t that be the determining factor?

When we see food, smell food, hear food cooking, or even imagine food, we are compelled to eat. This is biologically significant. Many years ago, food was scarce. So when it was available, we needed to eat it. That is not the case today, but those instincts are still alive and well within us.

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Beginner’s Guide to Keto – Be Careful Who You Trust

I am so annoyed with the number of videos I have come across that promote jumping on and off keto as if that is just as effective and safe as doing keto appropriately.

The foods that you eat build the body that you will have for the years that stretch in front of you. Building a healthy and strong body is important.

If you struggle to maintain yourself on a meal plan, maybe you are not the right person to do a beginner’s keto guide. It is likely appropriate for you to talk about your struggles and your attempts to stick to keto, but putting out a guide …

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Fasting Caused Me to Feel Bloated

Can fasting cause me to feel bloated? Isn’t fasting supposed to be healthy? Am I damaging my intestines by doing a fast? Am I bloated because my stomach is attacking itself?

I’ve heard many things said about the negative side effects of fasting. The most obvious being that you are starving yourself. These wild accusations often cause us to be so focused on defending the benefits of fasting, that we forget to address the real world issues that people experience when they try to fast.

Bloating is uncomfortable. Sometimes even painful. This can be a real deterrent to fasting. How can we fast in a safe and effective way that allows us to get the benefits of autophagy? One way is to understand how fasting affects the body and the potential issues that could arise.

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Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?

Should you weigh yourself every day or wait a month? Or maybe not even weigh at all!

When we find ourselves weighing in daily, it become important to ask what you are trying to accomplish. Any weight changes that occur from day to day, will be water weight. There is very little value in monitoring water weight since it is fat that is of concern.

The best way to monitor your fat changes is to focus on real changes in your body. The number on the scale is only one of several ways that you can monitor your progress. Unfortunately, it is also the one that can be the most misleading.

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The Secret to Improve Dieting Success

Would you like to know the secret to improved dieting success? The single most important piece of information to ensure that you can maintain your weight loss!

It takes months to lose weight. And for some people it can take years. After the investment of time, energy, and emotional commitment that it takes to lose weight, it can be devastating to see the weight creeping back up.

In this video I list the three most important pieces of information that you need to have to guarantee that the weight loss you achieve remains with you. And number three, although obvious, is so crucial. Yet we do not do it.

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