Month: April 2019

Improving Our Health – Dieting vs Diet

Words that we use all the time but do we really understand what they mean? In order to improve our health and wellness, we need to truly understand the difference between our diet and dieting.

I refused to diet for many years and continue to refuse to do so. I believe that any short term solution will lead to greater issues in the future. Solutions need to be long term and easily repeatable.

When you plan your diet, you need to look at it like a long term meal plan. These are the foods that you are committing to eat for the next 10 to 20 years to fuel and build your healthy body.

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One Year Keto Anniversary – What I Want to Share with You

On my one year keto anniversary, I wanted to share some of the things that I learned about food, myself, and the people around me. And can I say that my #ketoversary came really quickly.

The most striking thing that I learned through this process is how much people care about my health. So many family member, friends, and professional peers inquired about my health when they noticed the weight loss. Touching.

Interestingly, the family members, who of course have a bigger investment in me “surviving”, quickly began to try to persuade me to abandon the Keto diet. As, they did see is as a diet that would ruin my health. Obviously, not being aware of the months that I had researched before beginning my new lifestyle, they were skeptical. Today, I understand that.

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Why Are You Trying to Lose Weight Now?

Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. Why are you trying to lose weight now? If your reason is motivated by some external factor, that is an extrinsic reason to lose weight. External reasons for weight loss lead to feelings of resentment and decrease interest in continuing the behavior.

It is really important that your health be the center of your reason for weight loss. You improved health, decreased pain, and increased mobility will be reasons that keep you motivated to attain and maintain your health goals.

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The Problem with Lazy Keto

I have a problem with lazy keto or dirty keto or if it fits your macro style of a ketogenic diet. Because that is what it becomes, a diet. When I first began to investigate this lifestyle, Dr. Westman’s “white coat” video referred to “page 4”. What I learned is that page 4 was a list of approved keto foods that his patients who were trying to solve metabolic issues were allowed to eat. He was very specific, “if it is not on page 4, it’s not allowed”.

I have to say, I agree with Dr. Westman on the idea that boundaries and goals are important when trying to solve metabolic issues. That we need to know what foods are towards our goals and what foods will keep us stuck.

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Take Responsibility for Your Health – Don’t Trust Food Companies

The two books that I have found most helpful have been one by D. Mark Hyman (Canada: Or United States: and one by Dr. Jason Fung (Canada: Or United States: Dr. Fung’s book is also available in french (

Growing up in Canada, we learned in elementary school that we should not have candy or chips for snacks at school. The idea being that we need to work hard at school and needed our brains to be focused. The emphasis was on being healthy and taking responsibility for your health.

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Surprisingly, Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain

Would you be surprised to learn that artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain? I certainly was. Especially considering that they contain no calories.

But, if you haven’t heard by now, calories do not cause weight gain. So, what does? Insulin spikes and variation of sugar in your blood.

I am by no means an expert in physiology or biology or medicine. What I am, is someone who has lived through several interesting phenomenon and then revisited the science to try to understand what was happening.

There needs to be a greater focus in the medical profession to answer practical questions that affect everyone. Like, why is it that when I drink diet soda, I become ravenous 20 minutes later.

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The Real Reason that Keto Improves Health

I know you are going to say you know the real reason that keto improves our health. But do you? What is a carb? Are all carbs created equal? Do we need them?

Our bodies are so complex and there is so much information. Although I believe that I know why the Ketogenic lifestyle works, I’m also constantly learning. And even with all that we already know about the body, there is still so much more to learn.

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I’ll Start Keto Tomorrow – Procrastination Hurts Us

I’ll start keto tomorrow. No, I have that party this weekend, I’ll start Monday. Darn, we go on vacation next month, guess I’ll start after that. And as we push our start date further and further away, our health continues to decline.

We say we want better health but then we allow our desire to eat “fun food” keep us on a path to sickness. Procrastination hurts us.

When you decide to make a change in your life, there is usually a reason behind it. If you have evaluated your situation and come to the conclusion that you need to change your diet, or your exercise routine, or your sleep patterns, there was a reason you looked at these things to begin with.

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Can We Do a Ketogenic Lifestyle on a Budget?

Is it possible to do Keto on a budget? Surely if you know what you can and cannot eat, that is a good first step. This book by Mark Hyman will help you with that step:

Understanding your goal is always the first step to being successful. So, know your budget. Many people go shopping without any real idea how much money they have in their account. This can lead to over spending.

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