Month: June 2016

Why So Many Types of Therapy

The types of therapy that exist were developed to find the most effective and efficient ways to help people make positive change in their lives. This video explains the types of psychological approach, with examples of how the psychological approach would affect the therapy session. At the end of the video, the most important aspect of the therapy process is revealed.
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What Psychologists Can Help You With

The reasons to see a psychologist are varied and occasionally we are under the false impression that our issue needs to be debilitating to qualify. In fact, any issue that is causing you discomfort and that you are having a difficult time solving on your own, is a valid reason to see a psychologist. This video speaks about how you will know that seeing a therapist could be helpful and aims to help everyone understand that seeking answers to problems is a normal action to take.
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Dating, Sexuality, and Social Expectations

Regardless of whether you are looking to begin a relationship or have young people who are in the dating scene, understanding the expectations of relationships today is very important. Understanding sexual expectations and social pressures can help people navigate interactions with others and understand their personal boundaries.
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