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How to Make Difficult Decisions – Managing Anxiety in Decision Making

Difficult decisions are difficult. When people tell you to just decide, they are not taking into consideration all of the elements that go into making a decision. The problem is, if you are not sure about all the elements, you could fall into the trap of believing that you are the only one that struggle to make decisions. Trust me, that isn’t true.

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Why You Shouldn’t Care What People Think of You – Adjust Your Focus

Everyone has an opinion. What makes my opinion more or less important than yours? It all depends on the perspective we take. When you are trying to decide about something, the information that you have will determine the decision that you make. We need to keep in mind, the quality of the decision will depend on the quality of the information we have.

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Self Esteem and Body Image – Can We Dress for Emotional Success

The way you dress has an impact. The problem is, where does the chain begin. Of course, adults decide how they dress themselves, so your self esteem and body image are impacting what you choose to purchase before you show it to the world. At the same time, how you present to the world, determines how they react to you which reinforces what you already think about yourself.

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Perfectionism and Relationships – Happy Wife, Happy Life, Right?

Is is so hard to explain the perils of putting someone else’s happiness before your own. There is so much that goes into making sure someone else is happy. The time, effort, and actions you will take to ensure that the other person is happy is usually excessive, exhausting, and unfortunately, wasted. Wasted because inevitably the person does show signs of being unhappy!
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