Category: Promoting Mental Health Awareness

To Be Succesful Flexibility is Key

Charles Darwin taught us that IQ and brute strength were not what predicts who will survive but actually it was flexibility. To be successful in today’s world there is the financial component but we cannot forget about the emotional components. A successful life takes both an ability to care for oneself financially as well as emotional stability. I look at how flexibility will affect your everyday survival. We need to make choices on a daily basis and understanding how flexibility or lack there of affects happiness.
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Social Skills – Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence affects how well you interact with family, friends, and spouses. Your social skills affect your ability to influence others, manage conflict, work well in teams, and several other key interpersonal skills. You want to win in life, improve your social skills, a key component in emotional intelligence.
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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions – 4 Step to Accomplish Goals

Every year we promise ourselves to lose weight, work harder, or do some other really important change. New Year’s Resolutions bring us hope in the new year. But if we are not successful, they can also bring despair. In order to achieve your new year’s resolutions there are 4 important steps to accomplishing goals that you need to keep in mind.
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Self Regulation – Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Self regulation is an important skill to have when you are interacting with people, which is most of the time, and a key element of Emotional Intelligence! When you have limited impulse control, that affects your relationships. Learn about self regulation as it relates to your EQ and improve your life.

In this video I go through 5 elements of self regulation that researchers have determined are key to successfully controlling your emotional reactions and having better impulse control.
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